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GoSMILE Toothpaste

Aromatherapy and whitening in one toothpaste? GoSMILE Toothpastes give you both. Whitening ingredients in GoSMILE Toothpaste are safe to use, even for those with gum disease. They won't cause dental sensitivity, and each formula has dentist-recommended qualities like decay-preventing fluoride. Hydrated silica gently but firmly scrubs away surface stains, and keeps coffee, tea, and other dental stains at bay. GoSMILE toothpastes work in tandem with the GoSMILE whitening system, but they are great products to use on their own.

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GoSMILE Toothpaste Products

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Stimulate your senses in the AM and PM while making your white smile sparkle.
3.5 oz | GS005

Additional GoSMILE Toothpaste Information

GoSMILE Toothpaste flavor really is something to brag about. Zesty citrus ingredients and yummy vanilla appeal to the taste buds, while essential oils like peppermint, lavender, and chamomile provide the aromatherapy experience. Along with the ultimate outcome of a brighter smile, you have a multi-sensory toothpaste.

GoSMILE toothpaste is not just for brushing your teeth – it's for an energizing or calming experience, depending on whether you just bounced out of bed, or are ready to hop back in. A variety of essential oils and extracts are chosen for the time of day, for a happier frame of mind whenever you brush.

GoSMILE Toothpaste products enhance the power of other GoSMILE whitening products, and keep your smile looking and feeling fresh and bright.

You get morning and evening restoration with GoSMILE AM PM Whitening Protection Fluoride Toothpastes. Scrub away the stain night and day with hydrated silica, which also works to make your teeth feel smooth and super clean. A hint of peppermint essential oil in both the AM and PM toothpastes keeps your mouth feeling fresh long after you've brushed. The AM version gets you going with tingling, awakening flavor. The PM toothpaste soothes you to sleep with restful aromatherapy from lavender, chamomile, and Valerian root essential oils. Notes of vanilla make the evening ritual a tasty treat.

Want a zesty start to your day? GoSMILE AM Luxury Fluoride Toothpaste has a roster of energizing essential oils: lemon, lime, orange, and mandarin, makimg this morning toothpaste a punchbowl of freshness, with just a touch of mint to keep breath lastingly fresh. It's a delicious combination that will help you look forward to your morning routine. GoSMILE puts the luxury in morning toothpaste with aromatherapy and flavor, but it also takes your white shade up a notch with the polishing power of hydrated silica.

Searching for an alternative to minty toothpaste? GoSMILE Lemonade Smile Luxury Toothpaste could be your new fave, or it could be the one toothpaste flavor your picky child will use. Formulated with all the great features of GoSMILE toothpastes like tooth enamel protection and prevention against gum disease, Lemonade Smile Luxury Toothpaste will truly make you smile... brightly!

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