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Academie Cleansers

It's not just wrinkles that develop over time and detract from your complexion; myriad gradual changes that rob it of its youthful beauty occur to the skin throughout your lifetime. Dead skin cells accumulate on the surface of the complexion and cause it to look dull. Drops in skin elasticity cause the pores to become weak and susceptible to stretching out until they are plainly visible on the face. In addition, repeated exposure to the sun produces areas of discoloration. Because the forces of time are working against your complexion in so many ways, it's vital that you properly care for your skin daily at any age to help keep it looking young and healthy for as long as possible.

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The Academie Cleansers collection is an ideal way to begin your healthy skin care routine. All of the Academie Cleansers were developed by skin care experts at one of Paris' top stylist training schools. The full lineup of Academie Cleansers continues Academie's more than 80-year tradition of providing effective, safe solutions for women's skin. Shop the Academie Cleansers collection today!

Take off the makeup and dirt that accumulated during the day and provide your skin with ingredients that can take away the effects of the years by using Academie Cleansers.

The Academie DermActe Gentle Soap-Free Foaming Gel pH5 is an ideal cleanser for oily complexions and combines sebum-fighting ingredients into a mild formulation that won't over-dry the skin. The cleanser contains antibacterial ingredients, which help eliminate microbes that contribute to acne problems from the pores. Anti-inflammatory extracts are also added to alleviate swelling, redness and discomfort from acne-prone skin. As an added benefit, salicylic acid is included to exfoliate and decongest and the complexion.

The Academie DermActe Micellar Cleansing Water is a refreshing cleanser that leaves the skin feeling soothed and purified. The consistency of pure, fresh water, the formula is tough on cosmetics residue, so it effectively removes all traces of foundation, lipstick and even waterproof eye makeup with ease. Safe for all skin types, the cleanser does not need to be rinsed, making it perfect for using when you're at the office or on the go.

The Academie DermActe Dermo Cleanser is an extra gentle cleanser developed specifically for sensitive skin. Soft cleansing agents present in the product loosen makeup and sweet away debris without the need for harsh surfactants. The cleansing action is so gentle, even those with irritated complexions can use it comfortably and safely. To prevent skin allergies and hypersensitivity reactions, the formula is free of parabens and artificial colorants and fragrances.

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