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Academie Moisturizers

Just as your body cannot function properly without proper hydration, thirsty skin simply can't look its best. Your skin's moisture is what keeps the skin cells plump, and when dehydration sets in, the cells can shrivel up and create an uneven, rough texture. In addition, inadequate moisture makes your skin more susceptible to wrinkling, as parched skin has difficulty recovering from the furrowing and creasing that occurs as your face moves. With the Academie Moisturizers collection, you can ensure that your skin is supplied with the proper hydration to help it maintain its smooth texture and youthful resilience.

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The Academie Moisturizers lineup is part of a skin care collection founded over 85 years ago in Paris. For decades, the formulas in the Academie Moisturizers collection were only available at the best spas and salons throughout the world. Now, you can benefit from the nourishing, hydrating blends of ingredients found in the luxurious Academie Moisturizers range without having to leave home. Shop Paris' leading moisturizers collection now and find the formula that is just right for your skin's unique hydration needs.

For more than 85 years, Academie Moisturizers have been synonymous with luxury. Create a complexion that is softer, suppler and more radiant; bring home the ultra healing, maximally effective hydrating formulas from the collection today.

The Academie DermActe Moisture Cream is an ideal formula for skin that is regularly subjected to ultraviolet light and other environmental stressors that can rob the complexion of moisture. Using high molecular weight hyaluronic acid, the cream forms an invisible coating over the skin that draws moisture out of the air and allows it to penetrate the tissue. Macadamia oil is added to restore the skin's natural acid barrier and prevent dryness from reoccurring.

The Academie DermActe Intense Age Recovery Cream is a highly effective moisturizer that helps reverse damage to the complexion and reduce the appearance of signs of aging. The cream contains a peptide blend that supplies the skin with the raw materials necessary for manufacturing collagen and elastin. Clinically proven to accelerate the rate of collagen production, Vitamin C is added to the formula to further increase its age-fighting potential.

The Academie DermActe Restorative Exfoliating Night Cream is a nighttime moisturizing formula intended for those whose complexions have become rough, wrinkled and dull due to the effects of aging. While you sleep, the blend of alpha hydroxy acids in the formula resurfaces your skin, so that you awaken to a brighter, less wrinkled and smoother complexion. The deeply nourishing emollients found in the cream also soften the skin overnight.

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