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Academie Toners and Clarifiers

Take a skin care survey among your best girlfriends, and you're likely to find that toning is one of the most commonly skipped steps in skin care regimens. Many women mistakenly believe that toning is only necessary for those fighting acne, as they remember the drugstore astringents that were used for treating pimples during their adolescence. The truth is that toning and clarifying are important parts of any skin care regimen. Without regular toning or clarifying with a luxury, highly effective product like one of the Academie Toners And Clarifiers, your skin can quickly lose its pH balance and become too oily or too dry.

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The Academie Toners And Clarifiers subtly adjust the skin's acidity, returning it to its ideal pH. This helps to maintain the protective acid mantle on the surface of the complexion and makes the Academie Toners And Clarifiers a vital piece to the healthy skin puzzle. The Academie Toners And Clarifiers collection contains a variety of formulas, each geared toward a specific skin type. Shop the Academie Toners And Clarifiers range and find your ideal formula.

Often, solving your biggest skin care problems comes down to restoring your skin's natural acid-base balance. Safely correct the pH of your skin by using Academie Toners And Clarifiers products and see what a difference a little balance can make.

The Academie DermActe Dermo Toner is a normalizing toner intended for sensitive complexions. The perfect follow-up to cleansing, the toner dissolves all remnants of makeup residue, eliminating potential irritants from the complexion. The formula also supplies the skin with a blend of minerals and amino acids, which help to nourish the tissue and supply it with the fuel necessary to power healing and overcome hypersensitivity reactions. Glycerin and sodium PCA are added to hydrate the skin, and allantoin is found in the alcohol-free formula to protect the complexion. To prevent skin reactions, the toner is free of artificial fragrances and colorants as well as paraben preservatives.

The Academie DermActe Brightening Toner is a remarkable daily facial toner formulated especially for discolored skin. Whether you're treating age spots, liver spots, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation or postpartum melasma, the toner can help you obtain skin that is flawless in tone and far more youthful. To fade areas of discoloration, the formula contains .25 percent vitamin C and .1 percent licorice extract, natural ingredients clinically proven to disrupt melanin production. As these ingredients work to fade brown splotches, the other ingredients in the toner correct the skin's acid-base balance. The toner is designed for use once per day as a follow-up to cleansing.

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