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AHAVA After Shave

Daily shaving takes its toll on facial skin. Irritation from the razor scraping across the skin can cause razor burn, which can be itchy and painful. You can alleviate razor burn by establishing a regular shaving routine. By including AHAVA After Shave in your daily shaving regime, you can soothe the skin and relieve the redness and inflammation caused by shaving. Made with natural plant extracts, vitamins, and minerals, AHAVA After Shave is kind and gentle. It refreshes and comforts the skin after every shave.

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AHAVA After Shave Products

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Replenishes essential moisture to freshly-shaven skin.
1.7 oz | AH060

Additional AHAVA After Shave Information

The Dead Sea has long been recognized as a therapeutic spa. In ancient times, King Herod the Great was a regular visitor to the Dead Sea. AHAVA After Shave takes the wisdom and knowledge from ancient times and combines it with rigorous laboratory testing. The result is a scientifically-balanced range of products that contain the most natural ingredients and deliver clinically-proven results. Combining Dead Sea minerals with natural plant extracts and vitamins, AHAVA After Shave effectively calms and soothes facial skin that has been irritated by shaving. It provides a calming effect, which reduces redness and balances the skin’s essential moisture levels.

The most effective shaving routine begins with thoroughly cleansed skin. By taking a hot shower before you shave, you can soften the bristles on your chin and face. Use a rich shaving foam or shaving cream to further soften the stiff beard hair and to lubricate the cheeks and chin. Ensure that the blade of your razor is sharp and shave in the direction that the hair grows. Shaving against the grain can cause rashes, small cuts, and ingrown hairs. Smooth AHAVA After Shave over the skin to alleviate redness and irritation. This mineral-enriched formulation also thoroughly hydrates the skin and guards against the effects of aging.

Apply AHAVA Men’s Soothing After Shave Moisturizer after every shave to alleviate the redness and inflammation caused by shaving. This alcohol-free shaving cream does not sting or smart. Instead it soothes and calms the skin, leaving it refreshed and revitalized. The natural astringent effect of witch hazel acts to disinfect the tiny cuts that a razor inflicts on the skin. This promotes healing and prevents infection from taking hold. Pro-vitamin B5 and vitamin E provide a powerful antioxidant effect, tackling the effects of aging such as fine lines. The patented OsmoterTM complex contains concentrated minerals from the water of the Dead Sea. This unique formula replenishes moisture and works with the body’s own osmosis process to draw essential hydration to the outer layers of the skin, where it is needed most. This intensely hydrating after shave cream provides day-long protection from environmental aggressors.

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