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When a man is described as being “thick-skinned,” that is literally true – men’s skin is typically 25% thicker than women’s. That doesn’t mean that men don’t have to take care of it, particularly when it comes to moisturizing. The formulas of Alchimie Forever Men Moisturizers Products are designed to provide the ingredients needed to keep men’s skin supple and healthy. Dry skin is not only unsightly, but unhealthy; a lack of proper hydration does not allow the tissues to function properly, and can lead to additional problems. Use of Alchimie Forever Men Moisturizers Products can help provide immediate and long-term care.

It’s also true that men use their skin differently than women. The obvious difference is daily facial shaving, which can place a great deal of stress on the skin. In addition to the actual act of shaving, the soaps and aftershaves used can result in rough, dry and damaged skin. Add the drying effects of sun, wind and low humidity, and men’s skin can quickly become dehydrated. Alchimie Forever Men Moisturizers Products can help restore and revive skin, for a smooth, supple feel.

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Looking good is always a plus, but keeping your skin healthy is important as well. Dry skin has difficulty in functioning properly, resulting in a dull, flaking surface that can be prone to dermatitis, slow healing and signs of premature aging, particularly lines and wrinkles. The ingredients in Alchimie Forever Men Moisturizers Products are formulated to provide the necessary hydrating and nourishing materials skin needs to maintain a healthy skin cell turn-over and remain full, smooth and in top shape.

The term “moisturizer” does not have to mean “greasy.” The formula of Alchimie Forever KTP Royal Cream Moisturizer for Men provides the important emollients your skin needs, but without an oily feel. The scrubby plant called jojoba (Simmondsia chinensis), native to the Southwestern deserts, yields a seed oil that almost exactly matches the structure of natural human skin oil. It absorbs easily and deeply into the skin, adding the moisture skin cells need to function properly. In addition, the formula of the cream includes grape seed oil and natural forms of vitamin E. The “royal” part of the name of this product comes from the use of basil leaf extract, used since ancient Greece where it was known as the “herb of kings.” Even thousands of year ago it was known to provide skin-repairing benefits (those shaving cuts will heal faster!). Modern medicine has also shown that it provides long-term antioxidant support for anti-aging effects. The cream is non-comodogenic, meaning that it will not clog the pores, and is dermatologist tested.

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