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Anastasia Beverly Hills Primers

Acting as a base for the rest of your cosmetic applications, primers are given the task of preparing your skin for makeup in order to create better staying power as well as a more even presentation. As an integral component of a well-established beauty-care routine, your primer should offer high performance from the moment that you put it on until the final moment when you remove it. Anastasia Beverly Hills primers offer quality formulas that have been designed to effectively capture and hold loose powders, glitters, eye shadows, pigments, and micas in place.

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Anastasia Beverly Hills Primers Products

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Bonds, seals, and waterproofs powder makeup, loose pigment, loose shadows, micas, and glitter.
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Additional Anastasia Beverly Hills Primers Information

Anastasia Beverly Hills primers are among the large assortment of beauty products created by one of the most recognized experts in the industry, Anastasia Beverly Hills Soare. Having established herself as The Definitive Brow and Eye Expert, Soare quickly found a following of influential clientele. This success spurred her on to develop a line of beauty products designed to enhance the existing beauty of the brow and eye zone. A trained esthetician, Soare continues to be involved in the design and development of each of her formulas, assisting in the testing process to ensure the efficacy and safety of each product.

The philosophy behind Anastasia Beverly Hills products revolves around a desire to assist people in achieving harmony for their facial features. Blending science with beauty, each of the Anastasia Beverly Hills formulas is intended to bring balance and proportion to a woman's features through its use in combination with other products from the line. New formulas and shades are always tested on real people, setting the stage for successful results once the product is released for sale. These formulas are among some of the world's best-selling beauty products today, partly because of Soare's reputation and partly because of their award-winning capabilities. Anastasia Beverly Hills primers are styled in the same manner as the rest of the line with a goal toward creating harmonious beauty for individual users.

Anastasia Beverly Hills primers are safely designed for application on all areas of the face, including the lips, eyelids, cheeks, and remaining facial areas. They can even be used on the body to assist with the application of body glitters and colors. Enabling even application of cosmetic products (glitters, powders, shadows, micas, and pigments), Anastasia Beverly Hills primers are up to the task of bonding, sealing, and waterproofing your cosmetics. Bonding and sealing your loose cosmetic formulas makes it possible for you to apply them and then forget about them for the rest of the day. Priming your lip or eye color promotes longevity, boosting the ability of your color to last all day long. Primers can add to the life of your cosmetics, minimizing the need for touchups.

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