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Archipelago Botanicals Foot Care

Even though we tend to abuse our feet all day long, we often neglect them even more when it comes time for skin care. Because of the stress we place on our feet during physical activity and those ill fitted shoes that look fabulous but are less than kind to our bottom extremities, the skin can develop calluses, thickened patches of skin that can become uncomfortable. Archipelago Botanicals Foot Care can be an important part of your daily routine, offering you an easy way to pamper your tootsies and rediscover healthy skin again. Think of Archipelago Botanicals Foot Care as a necessary moisturizer for your most neglected parts. When you start to see dry skin appear on your face, you take action by adding a hydrator to your daily routine. However, it is not always obvious that your feet are suffering because we often hide them under socks and shoes.

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This foot balm is the perfect remedy for dried and cracked heels.
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Additional Archipelago Botanicals Foot Care Information

Archipelago Botanicals Foot Care can restore health and vitality to problem feet in a way that’s enjoyable and relaxing. While you may feel that you are too busy to add yet another product to your routine, just think about how important your feet are. Treat them with Archipelago Botanicals Foot Care in order to promote healthier skin and avoid common problems.

When it comes to the feet, you can sweep problems under the rug for only so long before you suffer from the effects of neglect. The feet can very easily become achy, dry, chapped and callused due to many different factors. In addition to the friction that often results from strenuous activity and shoes, dry air can plague the skin on the soles of the feet. The thickened skin can then become very chapped and eventually crack, leading to painful fissures that can take a long time to heal.

Archipelago Botanicals Milk Foot Balm contains the nourishing and softening benefits of real milk in a soothing and moisturizing formula that was developed specifically for feet. This is a very rich formula that penetrates deeply into the layers of the skin, helping it to retain vital moisture. As the skin begins to hold onto its water content, the area becomes softer and healthier, allowing it to withstand the drying effects of cold air during the winter months when the skin is most vulnerable to chapping and cracking.

Archipelago Botanicals Milk Foot Balm does an outstanding job of protecting the skin on the feet from the elements so that it can resist common problems and remain healthy even during extremes in temperatures. The soothing formula alleviates discomfort and irritated skin while a refreshing cooling effect revives and restores an invigorating feeling. You can massage the foot balm onto the skin of your feet anytime you need to. You can use it at the end of a long day when your feet are tired and sore, in need of a pick-me-up or in the morning in order to provide all day moisture and protection.

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