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Your hair is under constant attack from the environment. Airborne pollutants combined with the elements can put your hair under daily stress. Coloring and styling with hot tools can also take their toll on the hair shift, drying it out and contributing to split ends. Archipelago Botanicals Shampoos Products have been formulated using natural ingredients that cleanse and nourish the hair. In order to get the best results when washing your hair, it is essential to choose a shampoo that suits your hair type, whether oily, dry, frizzy, fine, or color-treated.

By applying Archipelago Botanicals Shampoos Products to wet hair and working up a rich lather, you can release the full benefits of potent plant extracts and natural proteins. Massaging Archipelago Botanicals Shampoos Products in to the scalp helps to relax the mind and body while drawing vital blood flow to this often neglected area of the body. Rinse the hair thoroughly to eliminate every last trace of shampoo. Residue from shampoo can build up in the hair and cause it to look dull and lifeless if the hair is insufficiently rinsed.

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By washing your hair every day with Archipelago Botanicals Shampoos Products, you can remove the pollutants and residues that build up along the hair shafts, making them appear dull and listless. The damage caused by styling tools, such as heated rollers, straightening irons, and hairdryers, can be repaired. Hair is strengthened and protected from further damage. These fabulous hair cleansers restore vitality, shine, and body to your hair.

Throughout the centuries, milk has been renowned for its beauty benefits. The Egyptian Queen Cleopatra famously bathed in milk to enhance her legendary beauty. In Archipelago Botanicals Milk Shampoo dried milk solids are combined with jojoba oil and extracts of chamomile, ginger root, and arnica flower to produce a cleansing formula that leaves hair feeling silky soft. The hair consists of a protein known as keratin. In this gentle but effective shampoo, natural proteins derived from wheat, soy, and rice help to restore body and strengthen the hair, helping it to look lustrous and healthy.

Aromas can influence our moods and stimulate our senses. The uplifting scent of wild mint and mandarin orange gives Archipelago Botanicals Morning Mint Shampoo an invigorating aspect that enhances the morning cleansing ritual. Color treatments and perms can remove vital moisture from the hair shaft, causing hair to become dry and brittle. Developed to nurture and nourish chemically-treated and dry, dehydrated hair, this gentle daily-use shampoo leaves hair feeling soft and manageable. Wheat proteins help to replenish the hair shaft, restoring vitality and luster to the hair.

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