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ARCONA Toners/Clarifiers

Using a high quality cleanser can really make a difference in the appearance and overall health of the skin. ARCONA Toners/Clarifiers complete the cleansing process by returning the skin to a neutral pH level and preparing for moisturizers and treatment products. ARCONA Toners/Clarifiers can also help remove any residual impurities such as dirt and makeup that may remain on the skin following cleansing.

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Additional ARCONA Toners/Clarifiers Information

All of the ARCONA Toners/Clarifiers are multi tasking products that go beyond toning in order to provide additional benefits to the skin. Clinically proven active ingredients are combined with natural botanical extracts in order to produce outstanding results while minimizing the risk of irritation. ARCONA Toners/Clarifiers can easily be incorporated into a complete daily skin care system for a healthy and vibrant complexion. Great skin starts with an effective cleansing that is completed by a thorough toning. These two steps together are the essential basics for an effective skin care routine and allow other products to perform better. All skin types can benefit from regular toning and ARCONA offers a variety of choices to meet all needs and preferences.

In order to find the ARCONA Toners/Clarifiers that will be most suitable for you, read through the list of benefits for each product. The description will explain if it’s the best choice for your skin.

ARCONA Cranberry Toner completes the cleansing process by removing impurities left behind while also toning the skin and hydrating. The formula also contains antioxidants from Vitamin E which help protect the skin against environmental damage. ARCONA Cranberry Toner nourishes and softens the complexion with omega fatty acids. All skin types can use this toner since it clarifies in addition to moisturizing. This is a gentle and non-irritating solution.

ARCONA Triad Pads are unique complexion pads that come soaking in a solution which cleanses, tones and hydrates the skin. Simply sweep the pads over the skin to remove excess oil, makeup and dirt. Many toner pads are very astringent and can dry up the skin. ARCONA Triad Pads leave the skin soft and moisturized. Added antioxidants protect the skin against damage.

ARCONA Mineral Magic is a spray that can be used anytime you need an extra dose of moisture and protection. The mineral spray is loaded with vitamins as well in order to nourish and protect. ARCONA Mineral Magic kills bacteria and also firms the skin.

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