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Art Of Shaving Eau de Toilette

Harking back to the days of Louis XIV, King of France, The Art of Shaving Eau de Toilette provides a lightly scented skin freshener as part of your shaving regimen. Based on the aromatic waters of more than 400 years ago, The Art of Shaving Eau de Toilette braces and firms the skin after shaving. With a higher percentage of carefully selected aromatic compounds than eau de cologne, The Art of Shaving Eau de Toilette treats and comforts your face.

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Art Of Shaving Eau de Toilette Products

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A custom blend of sandalwood and pure essential oils.
3.3 oz | AV068
The essence of clean, bright, refreshing, lemon essential oil has been noted for centuries for its natural fragrance.
3.3 oz | AV069

Additional Art Of Shaving Eau de Toilette Information

The pure essential oils are blended to combine with your skin to provide not only a bracing effect but to leave a warm, calming scent. Based on the principles of aromatherapy, the scented oils are naturally extracted from botanical sources, carefully aged and processed and then blended into a scent designed to provide a calming, healthy treatment for your skin and spirit. Apply The Art of Shaving Eau de Toilette directly to the skin after shaving and even use as a body splash before dressing. The warmth of your skin will naturally release the aromas, leaving you feeling fresh and satisfied.

Refresh your skin after shaving with The Art of Shaving Eau de Toilette. The cool, bracing liquid restores and tones up your skin, while the natural essential oils add a subtle scent. Eau de toilette has been called tonsorial water for centuries, because it was known to firm the skin when applied. With a higher concentration of essential oils than eau de Cologne, it can also provide the benefits of the therapeutic botanical ingredients. It is a satisfying step in your shaving regimen.

Along with gold, gems and spices, sandalwood was a valuable commodity traded on ancient caravan routes from India into China and the Mediterranean. The oil and aromatic paste derived from sandalwood has been used in Hindu worship for thousands of years and prized for its healing properties. Now, carefully prepared steam-distilled oils from the sandalwood trees of Mysore, India are used in The Art of Shaving Sandalwood Eau de Toilette. Modern aromatherapists still value the essential oils derived from the heartwood of sandalwood trees for its calming properties. In holistic medicine, sandalwood is considered very useful in treating dry and chapped skin. These benefits make it a useful element in The Art of Shaving Sandalwood Eau de Toilette as it can help treat and restore skin after the rigors of shaving. The aroma of sandalwood is often described as deep woodsy with a slightly sweet high tone. The Art of Shaving Sandalwood Eau de Toilette when applied after shaving, is warmed by your skin to release the relaxing aroma.

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