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Art Of Shaving Men Moisturizers

We ask a lot of our skin. On a daily basis, we subject our skin – particularly our faces – to extremes of cold and heat, wind, airborne pollution, ultraviolet radiation, very low humidity in modern buildings, scratching, rubbing and shaving. It’s about time we did something in return and The Art of Shaving Men Moisturizers are a good start. Think of it as self-defense, because if you ignore your skin, you’ll soon find yourself with dry, itchy, flaky skin, razor burn, shaving bumps and ingrown hairs, particularly in places where you shave often. It not only looks awful, but it feels worse.

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Art Of Shaving Men Moisturizers Products

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Nourishes the skin by intensely hydrating through the night and protects from further drying as you sleep.
1.5 oz | AV075

Additional Art Of Shaving Men Moisturizers Information

By using The Art of Shaving Men Moisturizers, you can heal the damage that each day brings to your skin. Even better, The Art of Shaving Men Moisturizers can prevent problems before they start, by hydrating, softening and cleaning your skin, unclogging pores, freeing up hair follicle openings and nourishing skin cells. It’s more than just appearance: Neglected skin can become damaged and suffer from a variety of unpleasant conditions. Do your skin, and yourself, a favor by using The Art of Shaving Men Moisturizers.

You’ve got skin in the game and you see it every time you look in the mirror. Keep your skin in good shape with The Art of Shaving Men Moisturizers. Keep your skin nourished, hydrated and revitalized by giving it the raw materials it needs to stay in peak condition.

Moisturizing is a great start to skin care, and The Art of Shaving Moisturizer – Orange and Calendula provides the necessary agents to keep skin looking and feeling good. After a cleansing with The Art of Shaving Facial Wash Peppermint, apply the moisturizer morning and evening. It performs several tasks simultaneously: The colloidal oatmeal and white kaolin clay gently exfoliate loose skin, while the olive oil, jojoba seed oil and aloe butter moisturize. Shea butter is a traditional botanical preparation made from the pounded pulp of the shea nut in tropical Africa, and revitalizes skin, provides collagen to help improve the appearance of premature wrinkles and lines and is particularly beneficial for dry or sunburned skin. It penetrates quickly and deeply, to keep skin clear and healthy.

Ingrown hairs occur in areas that are shaved frequently and are often caused when dead skin cells block hair follicle openings. Recognizable as small, itchy, tender pinpoint red bumps, they can be treated with The Art of Shaving Ingrown Hair Night Cream, applied nightly. The jojoba and olive fruit oils and shea butter hydrate and soften the skin and unclog the pores, allowing the trapped hair to work its way free. The floral and herbal extracts reduce inflammation and prevent infection.

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