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Barbershop shaves are a thing of the past, but the images remain: The customer relaxes as the chair is put into the prone position and the barber places a hot, steaming towel over his face. This wasn’t done to just make the customer feel good (although it did that, too), but to soften and relax the stubble before the shaving cream was applied, assuring a smooth, close shave. Today, the same effects can be achieved with Art of Shaving Men Pre-Shave Products. Even better, these oils and gels provide botanical oils to soothe and soften the skin while preparing the stubble for your own close, easy and non-irritating shave.

Unlike the hot towel trick, which dries out the skin even as it prepares the face for shaving, Art of Shaving Men Pre-Shave Products actually helps improve the skin by providing hydrating oils to keep the tissues soft and supple. Sufficiently softened facial hair cuts easily and cleanly, and is less likely to become ingrown in the pores. By using it before, Art of Shaving Men Pre-Shave Products leaves skin feeling better after a shave.

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As a few painful episodes will soon make clear, softening beard stubble is an extremely important step in preparing to face the razor. Yet, this is also the easiest step, with the help of Art of Shaving Men Pre-Shave Products. With natural emollient oils and essential oils that add fragrance as well as additional benefits, these preparations help make the daily morning ritual less of a pain.

For a close, effective shaving experience – and with fewer adverse after-effects – it is important to soften the beard stubble and ensure that the skin is properly hydrated, soft and supple. With castor oil and olive fruit oil as emollients, The Art of Shaving Pre-Shave Oil Sandalwood ensures that both the facial hair and the skin are well prepared. The essential oil of sandalwood also provides antiseptic benefits while its aromatherapy effects help to reduce stress.

This pre-shave oil is also available in lavender and lemon oil. Lavender oil has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory benefits, while it also provides a relaxing and soothing effect. Lemon oil is not only antiseptic but astringent, which helps firm the skin. Its aromatherapy effects are to uplift and improve mood.

In addition to softening beard stubble and moisturizing skin, The Art of Shaving Ocean Kelp Pre-Shave Gel includes extract of the Laminaria saccharina seaweed. This provides trace minerals and vitamins to nourish and strengthen the skin. In addition, root extract of Panax quinquefolium, also called American ginseng, helps to tone skin tissues. This gel is suitable for all skin types.

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