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Art Of Shaving Men Shave

No detail of shaving is too small to overlook. The creators of The Art of Shaving Men Shave realize that proper preparation is integral to the task of shaving properly. Not all shaving products were created equal. One of the most important foundations in shaving is preparing and applying the soap lather to the face, and The Art of Shaving Men Shave are part of this important step. Badger hair picks up and holds just the right amount of water needed to mix with shaving soap, resulting in a thick, smooth, warm lather.

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Additional Art Of Shaving Men Shave Information

Applying just the right mix of moisture and soap to the skin with The Art of Shaving Men Shave lays the proper groundwork by gently exfoliating the skin, lifting and softening the facial hair and providing a smooth base over which the razor blade can glide. Using a traditional badger hair brush, the soft, elegant feel of the fine strands loaded with warm, soapy lather over your skin is almost sinfully sensual. With The Art of Shaving Men Shave, shaving can be an art, a ritual and even a pleasure.

For more than two centuries, classic tools of shaving have included a badger hair shaving brush and shaving brush stand. The Art of Shaving Men Shave continues this tradition by offering The Art of Shaving Brush – Pure Badger – Black. Badger hair is the perfect medium for shaving brushes and the traditional shape of the handle allows easy, firm control.

Real badger hair holds warm water to mix with shaving soap, creating exactly the right consistency of smooth, creamy lather. Unlike boar or horse hair, and certainly plastic fibers, badger hair massages your skin gently without prickling, scraping or irritation. Use the tip of the brush in an easy circular pattern to add moisture to the facial hairs, making them soft and raising them up. The razor blade can glide over the skin without pressing down, which can cause rash and risks cuts.

When done, don’t leave the brush in the shaving cup. That allows the soap to dry out between the hairs, creating a clogged lump. Not something you want to face the next time you need to shave! Setting the brush on its base allows residual soap to find its way down to the base, clogging the brush and forming a place where bacteria can grow. The Art of Shaving Brush Stand Black provides the perfect solution. Simply wash out the brush and hang it by the handle, badger hairs down. This allows the brush to dry out without clogging or matting, keeping it soft and supple for the next time you shave.

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