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Getting the beard stubble softened and lifted before even reaching for the razor is one of the first lessons learned by young men. The carefully formulated ingredients in Art of Shaving Men Shaving Cream/Gel Products do exactly that, protecting against skin irritation and allowing a close, smooth shave. Dry beard bristles are surprisingly tough, as any man who has tried to “dry shave” in a hurry has quickly found out. Not only can they immediately dull a new razor blade, but unprepared beard hairs can easily be cut at sharp angles. This is a way to virtually ensure the development of ingrown beard hairs, a painful condition that can also lead to skin infection.

By softening the hairs with Art of Shaving Men Shaving Cream/Gel Products before beginning a shave, and allowing the individual hairs to stand up straight, hairs are easier to cut cleanly and smoothly. Maintaining proper moisturization, so the skin is smooth and supple, is also an important consideration in a successful shaving session. The emollient ingredients in Art of Shaving Men Shaving Cream/Gel Products provide this vital hydration.

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A soft and prepared beard is an absolute must for a successful shave. The carefully formulated ingredients in Art of Shaving Men Shaving Cream/Gel Products soften the hairs while helping to moisturize and smooth the face’s skin. As a result, a shave can be an easy, even enjoyable task, leaving a smooth and healthy skin revealed.

The creamy texture of The Art of Shaving Cream Sandalwood feels luxurious as it is spread on the face. More than just a pleasure to apply with a shaving brush or fingers, the formula also softens and lifts the beard for a comfortable, smooth shave. Unlike a soap-based shaving cream, which can dry out the skin, this formula is based on a coconut extract. It provides a moisturizing effect, to keep the skin cells fully hydrated. The series of shaving creams also includes lavender, lemon and unscented versions of the same formula. Marine algae extract has long been known to provide a range of benefits to skin, offering trace mineral and elements and cell-strengthening nourishment. With Laminaria saccharina extract (a North Atlantic seaweed), The Art of Shaving Ocean Kelp Shaving Cream helps to keep facial skin healthy. Extract of Panax quinquefolium root (also known as American ginseng) provides toning benefits as well. The moisturizing ingredients not only keep the skin hydrated, but help to soften the beard in preparations for shaving.

For men who like the traditional cake form, The Art of Shaving Soap Refill offers a non-drying glycerin and coconut oil formula to create a rich, warm lather.

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