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There is a careful balance that must be maintained between keeping hair clean and avoiding removing too much of the essential oils that keep it healthy and responsive. With carefully formulated combinations of botanical ingredients, Art of Shaving Shampoos Products are able to clean hair of the dirt, excess oils and contaminants that it picks up throughout the day, but without drying out the hair shafts.

The outer layer of hair, the cuticle, consists of a layer of lipids that protects the inner layer, called the cortex. It is the cortex that gives hair its strength and stores the moisture that keeps it flexible. Hair that has been harshly cleaned or robbed of its natural and necessary oils quickly becomes dry, brittle, prone to breakage and difficult to style. Since the scalp is also skin tissue, Art of Shaving Shampoos Products are also formulated to maintain the proper moisturization, oil balance and healthy skin cell turnover, while still keeping the surface and pores clean. Providing this balance between the requirements of hair and scalp is the purpose of Art of Shaving Shampoos Products.

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Additional Art Of Shaving Products Information

Keeping hair clean without stripping it of its natural protection requires a sophisticated approach. With carefully formulated and coordinated ingredients, Art of Shaving Shampoos Products provide the means of keeping hair healthy and attractive as part of a total grooming regimen.

Hair naturally traps and holds onto airborne and contact dirt, contaminants and excess scalp oils. The task of washing hair involves removing all of these impurities, but without drying out the hair shafts and the scalp. Dry scalp can become flaky and create dandruff conditions, while dried out hair becomes brittle and is easily broken. To prevent these conditions, The Art of Shaving Shampoo – Rosemary provides a precisely formulated suite of botanical extracts and oils, along with laboratory proven ingredients, to clean while regulating and balancing natural oils. The rosemary and peppermint essential oils help keep the pores, including the bases of the hair follicles, cleaned and stimulated, to promote healthy hair growth. Horsetail extract, from the herb grass genus Equisetum, has antibacterial effects but is also an anti-inflammatory and helps regulate the production of sebum. This oily-waxy substance is naturally produced by sebaceous glands in the skin to provide necessary moisturizing oils for the skin, but an over-production can clog pores and cause disruption of skin function. Coconut oil and jojoba seed oil (derived from the desert plant Simmondsia chinensis that grows in the Southwestern United States) provide emollients to keep the skin tissues forming the scalp soft and healthy. Apple cider vinegar helps regulate hair’s pH and give it body and shine.

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