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Art Of Shaving Shampoos

Expertly formulated, The Art of Shaving Shampoos remove accumulated grime and environmental contaminants from hair without stripping off the important oils that keep the strands supple and healthy. In the course of a day, hair acts as a filter, trapping dust, dirt, particulates created by pollution, smoke and smells from the air. These contaminants cling to the hair shafts and gather at the roots. Extremes of heat and cold, dry air and ultraviolet radiation from the sun also cause stress to the hair and scalp.

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Art Of Shaving Shampoos Products

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Gently cleanses and helps to add body and shine to hair.
8 oz | AV077

Additional Art Of Shaving Shampoos Information

The Art of Shaving Shampoos clean impurities from the hair, controlling flaked skin from the scalp and repairing damage, without weakening the hair shafts. The scalp is also maintained with nourishing and moisturizing ingredients to stimulate hair growth, maintain the proper pH and control excess flaking. The Art of Shaving Shampoos do not contain harsh detergents or artificial scents or dyes, so the scalp does not become irritated and the hair does not become dry and brittle. The Art of Shaving Shampoos are gentle yet effective. Even if used every day, they do not overwork your hair.

The reason that The Art of Shaving Shampoos are so effective is because they are a part of a program of hair, skin and shaving care designed by experts. Each stage in the regimen has been created to work with the others, building clean, healthy hair, full of body of shine as well as a smoothly shaved face. The Art of Shaving is a daily experience that allows you to achieve a high level of personal grooming.

Used as a first stage in this hair care program, The Art of Shaving Shampoo – Rosemary cleanses hair of accumulated dirt, dust, smoke and other contaminants accumulated over a day. The Art of Shaving Shampoo – Rosemary, designed for all hair types, scrubs off these particles and impurities without scouring off the necessary oils that keep hair strong and supple. The harmonized blend of coconut oil, olive oil and jojoba seed oil works together to strengthen and repair hair shafts without leaving a greasy residue. These ingredients leave the hair clean, full and glowing with health.

The scalp is also treated to promote maximum health. The Art of Shaving Shampoo – Rosemary removes accumulated flakes, old oils and other residues from the scalp while hydrating and cleaning the skin. Opening the pores, cleaning the hair follicle openings and maintaining a proper pH promotes healthy hair growth. Apple cider vinegar and horsetail extract, ingredients included in The Art of Shaving Shampoo – Rosemary, provide natural disinfectants to protect the scalp. The essential oils provide a subtle, satisfying rosemary scent with floral tones.

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