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When you apply a moisturizer at the end of your skin care regimen, you expect the formula to supplement your skin's natural levels of hydration. Unfortunately, many ordinary moisturizers on the market also impart chemicals into your skin tissue right along with the nourishing ingredients that they contain. Although these moisturizers may still seem effective at limiting signs of dryness, around 60 percent of those harsh chemicals are absorbed by your skin and eventually enter your bloodstream.

Astara Moisturizers Products are a natural alternative for skin hydration. These luxurious formulas contain no harsh chemicals, imparting only vitamins, minerals and natural extracts like plant oils into the skin tissue. All of the natural ingredients contained in Astara Moisturizers Products are sourced from select locations around the globe to ensure their purity. When the formulas are manufactured, great care is taken to keep the ingredients at low temperatures to preserve their vital nutrients and offer the biggest benefits for your skin. This makes the Astara Moisturizers Products not only gentler on the complexion, but also better able to hydrate and nourish it.

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With their uniquely processed natural ingredients, Astara Moisturizers Products offer superior hydrating benefits in pure formulas that are free of common irritants.

The Astara Radiance Renewal Intense Moisturizer is a unique moisturizing formula that also acts as an anti-aging treatment. The product features a time-released formula that slowly distributes nutrients to the tissue over an extended period of time, allowing your skin to benefit from its ingredients for longer. Ginkgo biloba is featured in the formula to improve skin's overall texture, while antioxidants in wild yams limit the effects of environmental free radicals. Moisture levels are restored and maintained with evening primrose and jojoba oils.

The Astara Antioxidant Light Moisturizer treats the skin to anti-aging nutrients and natural emollients in a formula that will not exacerbate the oiliness of combination or congested complexions. The lightweight moisturizer is also perfect for men who are concerned about the condition of their skin but don't want to wear heavy lotions and creams. Along with hydrating glycerin, evening primrose oil and avocado oil, the moisturizer is rich in free radical-fighting antioxidants.

The Astara Blue Flame Oil Free Moisturizer is a remarkable moisturizer formula that actually combats excessive oil production while it re-hydrates the complexion. Glycerin and sodium hyaluronate are used to replenish moisture to the skin by pulling water from the air, eliminating the need for emollient oils. Totara tree essence is included in the formula to help regulate oil production, while aloe vera helps to alleviate redness and skin irritation.

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