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Long before medications were mass-manufactured, the oils from plants were used to treat health concerns, including problems with the skin. While times have changed greatly since then, the nutrients found in the oils of botanicals have not and still offer the same benefits as they did for our complexions. The Astara skin care collection is a return to simple solutions that use the herbs and flowers that grow wild on the Earth to address dermatological concerns. This means that Astara Treatments Products are natural ways to deal with problems like signs of aging and acne.

The Astara Treatments Products were formulated by botany chemists based on the beauty philosophies of fashion model Sunny Griffin, who appears years younger than her actual age, thanks to her natural lifestyle. By combining the research of these scientists with the wisdom gained through Sunny's personal experiences, Astara offers unique treatments that are free of chemicals, yet just as effective as synthetically-based formulas. Discover Astara Treatments Products and see for yourself what our forefathers knew--that the skin can be dramatically improved with natural solutions.

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Greatly improve the look and feel of your skin the natural way with Astara Treatments Products.

In numerous clinical studies, antioxidant nutrients have been shown to inhibit the activities of the free radicals that cause the skin to become damaged and wrinkled. Astara Activated Antioxidant Infusion uses an extremely potent antioxidant blend to fight free radicals and lessen the likelihood of the development of signs of aging. This antioxidant blend is sourced from the Epidendrum ibuguense orchid, a beautiful flower that grows only in the Andes mountains. The nutrients contained in this rare blossom are combined with antioxidant-rich white and green tea extracts, boosting the treatment’s age-fighting abilities. The formula is slowly distributed to the skin through the treatment’s time-released formula, offering antioxidant protection to the complexion for hours after application.

The Astara Age Defying Complex naturally accelerates cellular renewal, helping to revitalize and rejuvenate complexions that have begun to show signs of aging. The formula is also shown to supplement the levels of the fluid that surround the cells and keep them held together. By increasing the amount of this fluid in the skin tissue, the treatment complex can improve skin's firmness, which in turn, makes signs of aging less evident on the complexion. Sodium hyaluronate is included in the complex to normalize moisture levels in the skin by pulling water molecules from the air into the tissue. Vitamins E and A complete the formula and offer antioxidant protection to limit the effects of wrinkle-causing free radicals.

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