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No matter how ugly or unsightly, no bruise lasts forever. Your body's innate healing power eventually mends the injured area, making it as good as new. An important part of the healing process for bruises is the release of vitamin K, which helps to dissipate the hemosiderin that forms under the skin and creates much of the discoloration associated with bruising. Because of its effects on hemosiderin, vitamin K causes bruises to fade, and when you supplement your body's supply of vitamin K, you can help heal bruising faster. The Auriderm skin care collection is specially formulated to boost vitamin K supplies to stimulate healing.

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Gwenness Sacramento, CA
Age Group: 35-44Gender: FSkin Type: oily
Pros: smooth texture
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I wish it had worked! - 11/9/2010 4:25:06 AM I tried using a full tube of this product as directed until I ran out. It took about 8 weeks and there was no difference in any spider veins on my face, whether they have recently appeared or have been on my face for yearsno difference in any vein of any age. Anybody know of a facial vein cream that makes a difference?

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The Auriderm skin care collection is ideal for treating severe bruising following accidents and operations. By applying one of the creams to an injured area, you can dramatically shorten the length of time that it takes for your skin to recover and have an even tone again. The formulas in the Auriderm collection can also be used to treat chronic skin care problems, including dark under eye circles, spider veins in the legs and purpura.

Bruises can seem unpredictable. Sometimes a hard bang of the shin barely results in discoloration, while a seemingly innocuous bump leaves an angry-looking contusion. One bruise may fade within days; another persists for months on end. Some may find a lingering bruise unsightly and distressing, and try to keep it masked under clothing. If you're looking to speed the healing process and reduce the visibility of a black-and-blue mark—or related blemishes such as spider veins or purpura—Auriderm may be your answer.

Auriderm boosts your body's reserves of vitamin K oxide, an element that helps with the healing process for bruises. The discoloration of a bruise results from a naturally occurring compound called hemosiderin, which is released during your body's response to an injury but which is only very slowly reabsorbed. Vitamin K assists with that reabsorption, but the process can take a while.

By supplementing your supply of vitamin K, Auriderm can help hasten bruise-vanishing—by roughly half the time it otherwise might occur. Auriderm products aren't just useful for bruises resulting from injuries and medical operations; they also can help tackle the symptoms of other discoloration issues. For example, the Auriderm process can work to diminish the visibility of spider veins—by increasing blood absorption and strengthening capillaries—and the shadows and bags that can mark weary or age-affected eyes.

Don't let a post-accident or operation bruise bring you down—and don't resign yourself to spider veins and dark shadows. Auriderm provides a scientifically honed home-based approach to tackling these marks.

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