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It is very important to maintain a balance when cleaning skin. An effective cleanser should be able to effectively clear excess oils, dead skin cells and impurities, but without stripping away the necessary layer of sebum (the natural oils that forms the acid mantle, protecting the skin). Avene Cleansers Products are able to achieve this balance. In the course of a day, skin naturally produces protective oils, but some skin types produce too much. In addition, some types of makeup, the environment and even skin care products can add unnecessary additional oils and impurities that can build up on the skin. Air pollution and transfer from physical contact can also add dirt, soot and acid-producing chemicals to the skin’s surface.

Avene Cleansers Products are able to clear the skin of clogging, troublesome detritus and excess oils, but without drying out the skin. Over-cleansing can actually cause damage to skin, leading to other skin problems. Used twice a day, morning and evening, the carefully formulated Avene Cleansers Products are able to find the proper balance between thoroughly clearing skin, while leaving skin protected and healthy.

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Every day, throughout the day, the skin picks up dirt, soot, pollutants and other contaminants from the environment. While the pleasant feeling after using a cleanser is something to look forward to, it is possible to dry out the skin by using the wrong product. Avene Cleansers Products are formulated to achieve thorough and effective clearing of the skin, but without stripping away the necessary layer of protective sebum and leaving the skin without defense.

The oil-free and soap-free formula of Avene Gentle Gel Cleanser is able to find the proper balance, without stripping the skin of its protective layer nor leaving contaminants and excess oils behind. The gentle, hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic nature of this cleanser comes, in part, from its use of Avene Thermal Spring Water. This neutral pH water is taken from a natural spring in the Cevennes Mountains of France, providing a soothing element to the cleanser.

One of the most drying and potentially damaging products for skin is plain soap. Avene Professional Diacneal Soap-Free Gel Cleanser is not only free of soap, but is fragrance-free and paraben-free. As a result, this formula is able to gently clear the skin of excess oils and contaminants, but without causing skin to become dry and unprotected.

Even when skin becomes red and inflamed, it still needs cleansing. How to achieve this necessary task without causing further discomfort and damaging the sensitive tissues? Avene Professional Antirougeurs Anti-Redness Dermo-Cleansing Fluid has a smooth, milky texture which soothes while it clears the skin of impurities.

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