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Lush, thick lashes are a symbol of beauty. Unfortunately, eyelashes become sparser with age. Plus, some medications and health problems cause lashes to thin prematurely. Mechanical stress like rubbing the eyes and pulling on your lashes can also lead to premature thinning. Why is this important? Lashes are not only a beauty symbol - they protect your eyes from dirt and debris. B. Kamins gets to the root of eyelash thinning by targeting the hair follicle. These products use the power of peptides, vitamins and natural plant extracts to boost circulation to the eyelash follicles to help them grow. With regular use, these products help to build stronger, fuller lashes that perfectly frame your eyes. Find out what other customers are saying about this line by visiting the B. Kamins Lash Enhancers Reviews page.

Before checking out, don’t forget to visit the B. Kamins Lash Enhancers Reviews page. This is where other shoppers come to voice their opinion about products by writing reviews. By visiting this page, you’ll get an inside look at how products perform. To get there from the introductory page, click on the B. Kamins Lash Enhancers Reviews page. You can read reviews for a specific product by clicking on the “reviews” tab on any product description page.

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A Less Pricier Alternative to Revitalash... -11/10/2008 7:21:08 AM I was a huge fan or Revitalash...that stuff worked wonders for me and I praised it as a miracle product for the eylashes. What I didn't like was the fact that it began leaving my eyelids red and irritated, even if I was completely careful in applying it. It was a pretty potent product (I was using the original formula and I guess they acutally ended up reformulating the product). I was a little hesitant to make a switch and try the B. Kamins, but after doing some online research, decided to give it a shot. It appears to be working just as well as Revitalash and the best part is, I have not experienced any type of redness or irritation on my eyes. B. Kamins seems much gentler on the eyes than Revitalash. I am glad I tried it and would recommend to others seeking a less expensive alternative to Revitalash.
enVy Toronto, Ontario, Canada
experimenter Age Group: 45-54Gender: FHair Color: redSkin Tone: mediumEye Color: green
Pros: blends well, good consistency
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Review at Two Weeks -9/16/2010 10:59:34 AM I have been using Kamins eyelash fortifier for only two weeks now so I haven't made it to the 4 week suggested time frame yet. I haven't been able to "see" any difference in my natural lashes be it with length, thickness or darker lashes. HOWEVER, I am noticing a huge improvement on how well my mascara works! My lashes get much longer with the mascara than they used to so I'm assuming the lashes are longer but I just can't see it with the natural eye. The length is beautiful and I haven't changed my mascara. I will come back to review again after four weeks.
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Waste of money -12/15/2008 11:30:53 AM I prefer natural products and homeopathic medicines. However, when it comes to growing eyelashes, these products do not cut it. A friend gave me Revitalash and it worked wonders for me. my lashes were longer than ever. When that ran out, I tried B Kamins. It was itchy, and after 3 months, still no results. I think I will go back to Revitalash even though it is a bit more expensive-at least it works!!!
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It’s important that what you put around your eyes be safe and non-irritating. Some eyelash enhancers contain prostaglandin-like compounds. Rarely, these prostaglandins can cause eye irritation or a permanent change in eye color. B. Kamins Lash Enhancers are completely free of prostaglandins and are non-irritating to the eyes – and isn’t safety important? Find out what other customers are saying by visiting the B. Kamins Lash Enhancers Reviews page.

If you’ve read the product descriptions and want to know more, visit the B. Kamins Lash Enhancers Reviews page. After trying a product, shoppers share their opinion by rating the products and leaving comments. Using the ratings, you can see at a glance what shoppers thought about a product. After looking at the ratings, dig a little deeper by reading the comments. This is where shoppers share more in-depth information – what they liked and didn’t and whether they would buy it again. It’s not uncommon for shoppers to include tips or warnings you’ll want to consider when making your final selections. Some reviewers also include information about their own skin type and age so you can see how the product works on different types of skin.

It’s fun to share your opinions, and you can do that quickly and easily by writing reviews of your own. When you try a new product, take a few minutes to log into your account and rate the product. After that you’re free to share any comments that might be helpful to other shoppers. Just as the B. Kamins Lash Enhancers Reviews page helped you, your ratings and comments will be a source of guidance for other shoppers.

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