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BABOR Cleansing

Rediscover the joy of clean skin. What could be more refreshing than the sensation of beautifully clear skin that can breathe freely? BABOR Cleansing pampers your skin in the morning and evening with its gentle but deep cleansing action. Feel like new and blissfully clean.

BABOR Cleansing offers the first critical step in a high quality skin care regimen. All of the products offered from the BABOR Cleansing line gently but effectively remove makeup, excess oil, dirt and impurities from the skin’s surface without stripping out natural oils. BABOR Cleansing prepares the skin for moisturizers and treatment products by removing the barrier that can prevent subsequent products from performing at their highest level.

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BABOR Cleansing Products

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The best preparation for any subsequent treatments with BABOR skincare products.
6.76oz | BB239
Refresh and clarify after cleansing with a mild cleanser.
6.76oz | BB244

Additional BABOR Cleansing Information

BABOR Cleansing promotes a balanced and healthy complexion. Every skin care regimen should begin with an appropriate choice from the BABOR Cleansing line. Skin should be thoroughly purified with BABOR Cleansing before any hydrators or treatments are applied.

Different skin types require specialized care which is why BABOR Cleansing offers a variety of choices to accommodate varying complexions.

BABOR Hy-Ol & Phytoactive Sensitive Cleansing System is a duo process cleansing kit that is ideal for hyper reactive skin that tends to get irritated when cleansed. The BABOR Hy-Ol should be applied first. Then the phytoactive cleanser should follow. Massage into the skin with wet fingers. When the skin is rinsed, it is left calm and balanced and ready for the next step. Rather than drying and irritating, BABOR Hy-Ol & Phytoactive Sensitive Cleansing System hydrates and soothes, reducing redness and sensitivity.

BABOR Phytoactive Combination is suitable for skin that is oily or has a combination of dry patches on the cheeks and an oily T-zone. The BABOR Cleansing formula contains ingredients that help reduce inflammation and kill bacteria that can lead to breakouts. The pores are left refined and the complexion is left balanced. This cleanser can also be used with the SOOTHING HY-OL for exceptional results.

Certain products from the BABOR Cleansing line are geared towards a specific skin type but BABOR Rose Toning Lotion can be used by everyone. Simply start with a cleanser that is appropriate for your skin concerns and skin type. Once the skin has been cleansed and dried, apply the toner to a cotton ball or a cotton pad and then sweep over the entire face. BABOR Rose Toning Lotion contains no drying alcohol. It helps to moisturize and calm the skin.

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