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Men's Skin Care Regime

Why do men need a different regimen?
There are a plethora of different men’s skincare products on the market — and with good reason. Men’s skin is different from women’s skin.

Males produce a hormone called testosterone, which causes increased sebaceous gland activity, thus men’s skin is oftentimes more oily than women’s skin. Excess oil production is associated with acne, therefore many men’s skincare products contain ingredients that are meant to control oil, clear clogged pores, and treat acne breakouts.

Males have thicker skin with smaller pores, so it’s more difficult for treatment products to penetrate. Accordingly, men’s skincare products will typically have higher concentrations of active ingredients and will be more aggressive than products that are made specifically for women.

Men’s skin requires extra attention and use of appropriate skincare products that address acquired skin sensitivity. Male skin is typically exposed to more oxidative stress through environmental factors (outside work, sports), and as most men shave regularly the hydrolipidic barrier becomes depleted, making the skin fragile and more susceptible to irritation. This is why topical antioxidants, sunscreen, and appropriate moisture-replenishing products are important for men.

In order to have healthy skin, one must have an appropriate skincare regimen. A man should cleanse his skin, use a toner, exfoliate regularly, and use the appropriate hydrator and sunscreen. Additional treatment products and weekly treatment masks are also a great addition to a man’s regimen.