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Belli Skin Care Exfoliators

As your skin ages, it begins to lose some of its natural ability to remain properly hydrated and moisturized. Unfortunately, this breakdown in capabilities often leads to skin problems. This includes the shedding of dead skin cells, which can retard fresh growth that has already slowed down due to the natural aging process and the loss of normal hydration. As dead skin cells, impurities, environmental pollutants, and dirt build up, your pores become enlarged and your skin develops a dull, lifeless appearance in place of its natural luminosity and clarity. While cleansing can help in preventing this from occurring, it cannot do so alone. Exfoliating your skin to remove this build up is more effective than cleansing alone. Using quality formulas such as those presented in Belli Skin Care Exfoliators can recreate your skin’s natural beauty once again.

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Additional Belli Skin Care Exfoliators Information

Infused with gentle ingredients that have been tested for their safeness for expectant mothers, Belli Skin Care Exfoliators are kind to your skin, exfoliating it while enhancing its natural state of hydration. Take a proactive step in your skincare and use Belli Skin Care Exfoliators.

Refresh your skin with the soothing formulas of Belli Skin Care Exfoliators. As your skin undergoes a thorough cleansing that removes impurities, bacteria, and dead skin cells, a newer layer of skin emerges to reveal a higher level of clarity and luminosity. With Belli Skin Care Exfoliators in your arsenal of beauty care products, you are on the verge of renewing your skin’s natural radiance once again.

Safeguarding your skin against hormonal dark spots that can occur during pregnancy, Belli Complexion Protection Duo features a duo of quality solutions – an Acne Cleansing Facial Wash and an Anti-Chloasma Facial Sunscreen SPF 25. Formulated to limit pregnancy changes to your skin, this powerful twosome protects facial skin against uneven skin tone and acne as you apply each product as part of the two-step process.

More than just a delicate cleanser, the Acne Cleansing Facial Wash exfoliates your skin, leaving it refreshed and rejuvenated as it stimulates new skin cell growth. As the build up of bacteria, spent skin cells, and impurities are removed, acne breakouts are controlled.

Containing both titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, the Anti-Chloasma Facial Sunscreen SPF 25 formula guards against the sun’s harsh rays and the skin damage it creates. Chloasma refers to the dark brown spots that can occur during pregnancy on the skin. The majority of expectant mothers experience some degree of chloasma during their pregnancy, so this is a common problem. Since this sunscreen is oil free, it does not leave an oily sheen to your skin after application. It’s even suitable to wear beneath your makeup application.

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