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Just like your skin, your eyebrows are constantly changing and growing. If you care for them properly, you can encourage their natural beauty as your groom them each day. Due to their gradual transformation from one year to the next, you may need to discover a variety of formulas over the years. Doing so is as easy as simply selecting the first product you find. However, this strategy might not lead to your finding the best solution for your personal needs. A better way to go about this task is to combine a description of a particular formula provided by the manufacturer with a personal commentary found in our set of Billion Dollar Brows Eye Brow Reviews and delivered by a shopper who has already used the product.

Since each of the informative Billion Dollar Brows Eye Brow Reviews has been written by a different individual, you can gain lots of insight into the efficacy of a product as well as aesthetic features such as scent, texture, and color. This is why we provide a small collection of customer-written Billion Dollar Brows Eye Brow Reviews for our online shoppers to peruse.

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Nice...while it lasted -8/5/2008 9:57:15 AM I found this to be an excellent brow pencil, with sprial brush at the opposite end - while it lasted. However, I was shocked when, without warning, I came to the end of the pencil after just a couple of months. There was no way to know I had just a tiny stub left. The pencil part itself must have been extremely short, compared to other brands. I have since reverted to using the Billion Dollar Brows powder with brush that I puechased at the same time.
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amazing !!!! -6/23/2008 2:21:51 AM the best eyebrow pencil ever ! i have tried them all from cheap brands to $50 pencils and nothing comes close to this !
K. Johnson
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Not neutral enough -6/7/2008 2:42:21 PM This tone needs to be more neutral. Don't like the color it turned on my skin tone.
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also good for lashes -5/9/2008 8:23:21 AM This is wonderful as a sealer after your last coat of mascara. My mascara never smudges after using it.
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disappointment -2/15/2008 8:36:32 AM too light/brown...get better results with drug store brand and clean masscara brush at 1/4 th the price
Teresa K.
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So Fast and Easy! -12/27/2007 1:14:49 PM I am always on the go and never take more than 5 to 10 minutes to put on all my makeup! With that being said, I dont have the patience to "Brush" my eyebrows on. But...with the BDB brow pencil it is fast and easy, and with the blending brush on the opposite end of the pencil, my brows have perfect definition in seconds. I also dont have to worry if my pencil is to dark for my haircolor. This pencil is made for brow dummies like me! Yeah!!!!!
Tera H.
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Love it! Makes my brows pop! -12/27/2007 1:10:16 PM I love the BDB highlighter. My brows are pretty fair and have a tendency to just blend into my face. With the highlighter my brows pop and look more defined. The highlighter is very easy to apply and delivers an instant boost to my look. Thank you BDB
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Additional Billion Dollar Brows Reviews Information

Finding the perfect formula to infuse fresh life and beauty into the brows is a task that is accomplished by many people each day. Why not take advantage of the time they have invested and read up on what they have to say in our mini-collection of Billion Dollar Brows Eye Brow Reviews? Each one is short, so it won’t take long to read one or more of these interesting commentaries. Each shopper talks about the aspect of the product that created a memorable experience or seemed exceptionally important to share. You can find out things that you won’t obtain by reading the brand’s depiction of the formula. Facets such as how easy it is to use the formula, how long it lasts, how to enhance its performance, how well it works, and so much more.

As you browse through our selection of Billion Dollar Brows Eye Brow Reviews, you should take the time to glance at the pros and cons that the shopper provides about the formula as these aspects might make a difference as to whether or not the product is going to work well for you and your brows. Directly beneath that information, you can also learn about the overall value of the product according to the shopper’s personal opinion, another important facet of your purchasing decision. If you want to see and learn more, please take a few moments to browse through our Billion Dollar Brows Eye Brow Reviews now. It won’t take long at all.

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