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Billy Jealousy Founder Pat Parsi

Behind the Bottle

A Q&A with the insiders behind your favorite brands.

Pat Parsi
President and Founder
Billy Jealousy

Billy Jealousy

Sharply tailored for today’s sophisticated bad boy (or girl), Billy Jealousy's award-winning line of skin care products were specifically created to improve the texture, tone and health of men's skin. Each product is simple and straightforward to use, with high quality ingredients that deliver noticeable results. Billy Jealousy is more than just a product — it’s a way of life that defines who you are: effortless yet edgy, playful but still polished.

1). How did you get started in this industry?

It was pretty random. At the end of 2003 I walked into a local, independent apothecary that sold a number of prestige lines. I had been using high quality skincare since the mid-90s so this store reinforced in my mind there was a growing market out there. I came back home and started coming up with potential brand names and design concepts. Before we got too far along the process we fortunately received the genius branding advice of Peter Benanti who gave us the Billy Jealousy name. Not only did we have a hip, memorable name but it was one that could potentially branch out to many different products and become a lifestyle brand.

2). What is your star product or biggest breakthrough?

Without question Hydroplane Shave Cream is by far our number 1 seller. Shaving irritation affects 4 out of 5 adults. A foamless, silicone-based formula, Hydroplane is the perfect remedy for all these millions of people who experience razor burn, nicks, cuts, bumps and ingrown hairs. The quest to relieve shaving irritation is what originally got me using a prestige line. I discovered that not only was shaving more palatable but my skin looked healthier. After buying a high-quality shave gel, I went back to the store and bought moisturizers, eye creams, pre-shave oils, etc.

3). Who/What inspires you?

My mother inspires me. She's in her 70s but still works very hard and has a great sense of humor.

4). Be honest, what beauty products do you use regularly other than your own?

In the summer I really like to use Mario Badescu's AHA Body Soap. It does an excellent job of getting me clean and smelling great after tennis or working out. Malin + Goetz also makes a great Detox Face Mask.

5). Imagine the future of the beauty industry and give us your prediction of what's to come.

More products addressing aging skin concerns, more natural care products and more specialized products addressing very specific issues, e.g., products dealing with sensitive skin or products dealing with dry hair. Customers gravitate to two things: aesthetics and performance. They want products that produce results but also that they enjoy using. We are living more and more in a Visual Culture where our appearance is directly related to our quality of life. Consumers understand this and want products that improve the luminosity of their skin, the shine in their hair and the comfort of their shaving ritual.

6). Give our customers a beauty insider tip:

Keeping our Wipeout Eye Cream in the fridge helps even more to reduce under-eye puffiness. It's also very important to exfoliate at least once a week. Not only does it remove dead surface skin cells but it allows for better penetration of moisturizers and serums.

6.5). In 140 characters or less, give us a beauty tip to Tweet and tell us where to follow you.

Tips to a great shave: 1. Wet face. 2. Apply Hydroplane Shave Cream. 3. Shave with Gillette Fusion Razor. 4. Remoisten formula frequently.

7). Extra Credit: Write personal reviews for some of the individual products in your line.

Hydroplane Shave Cream: Simply put, it's our hero product. It's by far our #1 seller: a unique pre-shave oil and shave cream in one. Shaving irritation affected me all through high school, college and grad school. I later found out that about 80% of men and women experience shaving irritation, according to the American Dermatological Association. Hydroplane is the perfect remedy for all the classic problems associated with shaving. I think products like this along with improvements in razor technology have encouraged a lot more men and women to switch back to razor blades over electric razors.

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