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Billy Jealousy Men Hair Styling

It’s no secret that a stellar hairstyle can draw the eye and hold someone’s attention like few other features (and, of course, the opposite of a stellar haircut can certainly do the same). You’ve got plenty of demands to ask of your hair: You want it looking sharp and professional for a day on the job or a big interview, but you need the ability to sculpt it into something wilder, more playful, and more expressive for a night of entertainment. The Billy Jealousy Hair Styling products deliver this versatility, resulting in a fine-crafted look you’d otherwise expect to shell out big bucks for at the salon.

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Billy Jealousy Men Hair Styling Products

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Perfect for sculpting, thickening and volumizing hair, while preventing moisture loss.
3 oz | BIL029
A conditioning and volumizing hair pomade for perfect styling.
3 oz | BIL017
A hydrating and nourishing styling gel for men.
2 oz | BIL016
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Additional Billy Jealousy Men Hair Styling Information

The Billy Jealousy Hair Styling philosophy reflects that of the brand as a whole: provide a no-fuss, highly effective treatment that gets the job done and doesn’t bog down your schedule. The Billy Jealousy Hair Styling products are hydrating, refreshing, and pleasantly scented, and they even fortify your hair as they fix it into the desired shape.

Use Billy Jealousy Hair Styling treatment to rein in your mop and put it into service: expressing whatever part of your complex personality you want conveyed in the given moment.

An ineffective hair styling product can fail on so many fronts: It might not be malleable enough from the start, preventing you from sculpting the look you’re seeking; or it might not have the strength and endurance to maintain that look throughout the day. Such unsatisfying gels will leave you in constant doubt as to whether you look suave and exciting—or mussed-up, ungroomed, and sloppy. You can rest assured, though: The Billy Jealousy Men Hair Styling products are not those kind of gels.

The Billy Jealousy Cool Medium Hair Gel certainly holds your hair into whatever style you’re aiming for, but it’s also accomplishing associated goals all the while. It strengthens and seals the hair shaft while blocking against the formation of Dihydrotestosterone, an agent often fingered in promoting hair loss. Tastefully scented with a grapefruit aroma, the Billy Jealousy Cool Medium Hair Gel is ideal for any look you might be after.

Rich in humectant, the Billy Jealousy Lunatic Fringe Hair Pomade can tame even the wildest, most unruly head of hair. A medium-strong hold product, this pomade naturally volumizes and conditions your mane while it sculpts it into your desired sweep and curl.

The Billy Jealousy Clutch Play Hair Gunk has a colorful name, but it doesn’t play around in action. This high-hold and high-shine gel doesn’t just style your hair whichever way you desire, but aids in thickening, volumizing, conserving moisture, and—armed with Vitamin E—smoothing the hair cuticles. Your hair will look that much more lustrous and fortified courtesy of the “gunk’s” beeswax ingredients.

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