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blinc Mascara reviews

There’s nothing that pumps up the volume of your lashes more than mascara. Unfortunately some mascara doesn’t stay where it’s put. blinc Mascara is different. It stays on your lashes until you take it off. blinc Mascaras form invisible “tubes” over your lashes that keep them in place all day. At the end of the day, you use warm water and light pressure to remove them. No eye makeup remover required! Best of all, blinc mascaras won’t run even if you cry. How many mascaras can say that? Plus, there’s no clumping or caking when you apply it. For mascara that’s truly different, give the blinc mascara line a try. Find out what other shoppers are saying about this line of mascaras by visiting the blinc Mascara Reviews page.

Before buying a product, it’s helpful to know that other shoppers have had a good experience with it. The way to find out is to visit the blinc Mascara Reviews page. When you do, you’ll benefit from the wisdom of other shoppers who have used the products and left feedback. It’s an invaluable source of information when you’re trying to sort through the options. If you’re on the introductory page, you can get there by clicking on the blinc Mascara Reviews link. To read reviews on a specific product, click on the “reviews” tab on its product description page.

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AMAZING!!!! -8/21/2008 3:57:40 PM The BEST mascara - I'll never use anything else. Just like the other reviews, forms little tubes of color around each lash. Does not smudge at all, absolutely no irritation. I'd pay twice the price - or more - it's that good!
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Great Mascara -8/5/2008 10:21:05 AM Finally a great mascara that will not smudge and make dark circles under your eyes. It stays on and is non-irritating. I have occular impalnts due to catarats and I love this mascara.
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So cool -8/4/2008 3:07:39 PM This is the coolest mascara ever! It really makes little "tubes" aound each lash. I'm hooked.
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Not Good -7/9/2008 3:18:49 PM I purchased & have been wearing this for a few weeks. It goes on nicely but i still have a BIG problem with it flaking!! Would Never purchase again.
r. tsai
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the best -6/16/2008 11:35:18 AM I tend to tear a lot because of my dry-eye syndrome. I have tried so many mascara and even the waterproof ones still gave me racoon eyes after couple hours. I used to use Philosophy's supernatural mascara that has the same concept and that worked well, however, they stopped making them. Then I found this!! It is even better than Philosophy!! It stays put all day and yet is easy to take off. I will never go to a different one again!!
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F&#*IN' FABOLOUS!!! -4/30/2008 6:46:06 AM Im so picky about mascara, and i wouldnt normally pay this much. But i read all the reviews and i thought i would give it a try. IT IS AWESOME. it looks like i spent hours applying. no flaking, no smudging(i wear contacts, too). but yet it comes off easily when you rub it with a washcloth. i dont know hohw they did it, but it is magic. that is the only thing i can come up with. LOL.
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Best Mascara Ever!! -4/22/2008 3:01:09 AM I love this mascara. I am so oily that I have had a major problem with all mascaras smearing under my bottoms lashes. This does not. I love, love, love this mascara!!!!
Marianne M.
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Best Mascara -12/26/2007 9:40:46 AM This is a great mascara!! I experimented with many others to use with contacts and experienced flaking and smudging when using rewetting drops. This product does exactly what it says!! Does not come off and when it does it is extremely easy with just water and a wash cloth. I recommend this!
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Superfun!! -12/25/2007 1:10:23 AM Once you have tried this, you will throw the rest away!! You can really see the tubes come off it's kinda fun...I am considering buying other colours...any suggestion?
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Try It! -12/24/2007 6:55:08 PM My lashes are short and thin. This primer really helps add thickness and lenght to your lashes. Highly reccomended.
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Additional blinc Reviews Information

Once you’ve discovered the benefits of the blinc Mascara line, you may wonder whether there’s a color that’s right for you. You can choose from standard shades like black and brown or let your creativity run wild by trying a color like blue or purple. Pump up the volume and length of your lashes even more by using a blinc Lash Primer beforehand. It’s formulated with vitamin E to condition your lashes as it boosts volume. Use it as an eyebrow and eyelash treatment to keep your lashes and brows soft and conditioned. Find out what other customers are saying by visiting the blinc Mascara Reviews page.

When you arrive at the blinc Mascaras Reviews page, start by looking at the product ratings. Reviewers use a five-star rating scale to rate products based on their overall performance, value and ease-of-use. You can use the ratings to see how one product compares to another. You can also use it to find high-performing products. Do this by using the drop-down box to sort the reviews so the highest-rated ones show up first. You just might discover a product you hadn’t considered. Don’t stop at just reading the reviews. Spend some time reading the comments for more detailed explanations of what reviewers liked and didn’t like. Enjoy this helpful resource and use it to make you a more informed shopper.

Once you’ve explored the blinc Mascaras Reviews page and know what it’s all about, we hope share your own opinions about products. It’s fun and easy to write blinc Mascaras Reviews of your own. To get started, log into your account and go to the description page for a product you’d like to review. Click on the “write a review” tab to get started.

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