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Bliss Blood Orange and White Pepper Products

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Founded in 1986 in the New York City neighborhood known as SoHo, the Bliss spa has always had a light-hearted approach to the naming their products, but they are very serious about the effectiveness of their formulas. Bliss Blood Orange and White Pepper Products approach the issues of skin care with powerfully beneficial ingredients. At the heart of this series of skin care products are, of course, extracts of the blood orange (an orange cultivar with a dark pink or red flesh) and white pepper (the seed of the Piper nigrum with the dark skin removed). These ingredients are included in the formulas of Bliss Blood Orange and White Pepper Products not because they sound like fun, but because the offer very real benefits to the skin.

The pigment in blood oranges that gives that fruit its slightly alarming name is called anthocyan, which is an antioxidant. White pepper, the seeds of the black pepper plant, Piper nigrum, with the dark skin removed, is also an antioxidant, in addition to being high in vitamins C and A and offering anti-inflammatory benefits.

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The plant world is filled with species that have many benefits to offer humans, and researchers are constantly looking for new sources of oils and extracts that can be added to skin care products. In the case of Bliss Blood Orange and White Pepper Products, plants not commonly associated with skin care have been found to include dynamic constituents that help improve the health and beauty of skin. These ingredients also provide a wonderful scent.

In addition to being an effective emollient, Bliss Blood Orange and White Pepper Body Butter also includes vitamins A, C and E, algae extract and Amica montana (European wolf’s bane) flower extract as an anti-inflammatory ingredient, as well as the antioxidant benefits conferred by the white paper and blood orange extracts. The paraben free formula leaves the skin soft, smooth and supple. Even if you avoid sugar in your diet, it can be beneficial as an exfoliant.

Bliss Blood Orange and White Pepper Sugar Scrub uses sugar granules and hydrated silica to gently cleanse the pores and remove dead skin cells, promoting skin cell turnover for a fresh, smooth skin. The sunflower (Helianthus annuus) seed oil hydrates the skin for a soft, supple condition.

The large pump bottle of Bliss Blood Orange and White Pepper Soapy Suds makes it easy to use in the shower, but the liquid can also be added to a bath for a wonderful bubble bath. The Aloe barbadensis leaf juice conditions the skin while you wash. The formula is paraben, phthalates and GMO free.

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