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Bliss Cellulite

Since the large majority of women experience an issue commonly referred to as “orange peel skin”, the Bliss Cellulite line has been very popular. Some people think that only overweight or older women have a problem with cellulite but the truth is that it’s hard to avoid even for active, young and thin women. Most of us will experience cellulite at some point and it’s just a matter of committing to a program that will improve the tone and texture of the skin while minimizing those unsightly dimples.

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Bliss Cellulite Products

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A skin firming cream with QuSome-encapsulated caffeine.
6 oz | BS082
A soothing overnight cream with an encapsulated extract-rich complex.
6 oz | BS142
A tinted firming body spray that clinically firms and tones skin over time while instantly perfecting skin.
NOW $26.60 REG $38.00
4 oz | BS263
A tinted firming body spray that clinically firms and tones skin over time while instantly perfecting skin.
4 oz | BS262
A skin-smoothing, stimulating body exfoliator for less-than-perfect parts.
8 oz | BS161

Additional Bliss Cellulite Information

Since women’s muscle fibers are different than men’s, fat tends to protrude through, causing the cottage cheese look on the buttocks and thighs. Bliss Cellulite improves circulation, tightening and firming while reducing the look of fat deposits that can result in an uneven skin surface. Bliss Cellulite products are intended to be used continually in order to achieve and maintain results. The Bliss Cellulite program requires dedication to stimulating affected areas with the products provided. It’s simply a matter of incorporating Bliss Cellulite into a daily beauty routine like any other step such as cleansing and moisturizing. For best results, use the whole Bliss Cellulite line. The products will complement one another for a superior solution to a common problem.

All of the products in the Bliss Cellulite line are designed to improve the appearance of cellulite plagued skin when regularly massaged onto the surface. It is important to commit to a daily routine that incorporates Bliss Cellulite. This is the only way to see results.

Bliss Fat Girl Sleep reduces the look of cellulite during the nighttime hours while you sleep. This is a time release system that delivers cottage cheese fighters for up to six full hours so you wake up to sleeker, smoother skin. Bliss Fat Girl Sleep is a rich and creamy product that works in conjunction with the body’s nightly repairing process. The protective cream defends the skin against damage that can weaken its structure. Bliss Fat Girl Sleep helps the body eliminate fat and excess fluid. The cream should be massaged onto affected areas right before bedtime. For best results, follow up the Bliss Love Handler in the morning.

Bliss Fat Girl Slim is formulated with caffeine that has been encapsulated. Caffeine tightens the skin and improves the circulation in problem areas on the hips, buttocks and thighs. Bliss Fat Girl Slim comes with a unique delivery system that ensures the active ingredients are reaching the deeper layers of the skin.

Bliss Fat Girl Scrub is an exfoliating treatment that polishes the skin to a smooth surface. Eliminating dead and dull skin cells can ensure proper absorption of cellulite fighting products like Fat Girl Slim and Fat Girl Sleep. Bliss Fat Girl Scrub improves circulation and encourages better lymphatic drainage, both of which are important in the battle against cellulite.

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