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Bliss Diamancel

Calluses, patches of thick, rough skin, can occur anywhere that the skin is exposed to consistent pressure or friction. The feet and hands are most commonly plagued with calluses due to constrictive footwear and completing repetitive tasks and chores. While calluses are part of the body's natural defense to protect the delicate tissues that lie beneath the skin, these patches are often unsightly and diminish from the smooth, soft texture of the skin. The Bliss Diamancel collection was created to help safely remove calluses and return your skin to its best look and feel.

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Bliss Diamancel Products

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Best for between manicure filing and shaping regular nails.
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Additional Bliss Diamancel Information

The Bliss Diamancel range was developed by a leading manicurist, Ginette Godbout, who saw a need for a more effective method to address problem calluses. From her research and extensive knowledge in hand and foot care, the Bliss Diamancel collection of effective metal files was born. With products geared toward both the feet and hands, the Bliss Diamancel offers the perfect solution for skin plagued by calluses and flaky dryness. While designed for maximum effectiveness, the files are also engineered to be safe without damaging tissue.

Make calluses and dry, flaky skin a thing of the past with the Bliss Diamancel collection. This range of hand and foot files has become one of the most acclaimed collections of skin buffers and polishers on the market. Select the right combination of files to suit your skin care needs, and you will be treating yourself to the same products used in the world's top spas. The files also make a wonderful addition to any spa gift basket to give the gift of pampering to someone special in your life.

The Bliss Diamancel #11 Tough Buffer is ideal for buffing and polishing all of the surfaces of the feet. The file is made from nickel-coated fiberglass that allows the file to bend and contour to the curves of the feet without any fear of breaking the effective tool. The broad face of this easy-to-use file has made it the most popular in Bliss' revolutionary collection.

The Bliss Diamancel #20 Callus Rasp provides the coarsest surface available in the Diamancel range. Perfect for use directly upon foot calluses, the file provides quick results to jump start the transformation from thickened, ugly skin to soft, supple feet that you will want to show off.

The Bliss Diamancel #3 File Coarse is the file designed for those with troubled nails and is nicknamed "the tough guy" by Bliss staff. The coarse grain is perfect for shaping acrylic fingernails, but is also useful for at-home pedicures on tough, thickened toenails.

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