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Bliss Firming/Cellulite

Every woman complains about problem areas on the body. While not everything is treatable, Bliss Firming/Cellulite can greatly improve the appearance of slackened skin that has fallen victim to the dreaded cottage cheese appearance. Bliss Firming/Cellulite products stimulate the skin, eliminating harmful toxins and aiding in lymphatic drainage that can improve the texture of the skin’s surface. Bliss Firming/Cellulite relies on stimulating ingredients which tighten the skin to improve tone and elasticity. Bliss Firming/Cellulite products were designed to encourage healthy circulation below the skin’s surface. Regular stimulation leads to better performance of the skin cells and therefore an improved appearance on the surface.

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Bliss Firming/Cellulite Products

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A tummy-toning gel in a unique applicator to give you a firm mid-section.
4.9 oz | BS223
A skin firming cream with QuSome-encapsulated caffeine.
6 oz | BS082

Additional Bliss Firming/Cellulite Information

Bliss Firming/Cellulite products complement one another to produce great results. For the maximum benefits, adopt the entire Bliss Firming/Cellulite program and commit to a daily attack on problem areas. Cellulite does not form over night so allow for time to see the results. Continuing with the Bliss Firming/Cellulite will ensure the best looking skin going forward. Bliss Firming/Cellulite products were designed to be used long term in order to achieve results and maintain those results over the years. Bliss Firming/Cellulite products will get your body bikini ready and make you feel more confident in slinky summer attire.

Because sagging skin and cellulite are such a challenge, the Bliss Firming/Cellulite program consists of several different products that can be used together in order to achieve maximum results.

Bliss Fat Girl Sleep works its magic during the nighttime hours when the skin naturally regenerates. The slimming ingredients are encapsulated to slowly release over the course of several hours. The formula goes to work on dimpled areas of the body, smoothing the skin’s surface and giving it a more even tone and texture. Excess fluids and fat deposits are gently eliminated from the tissues. Bliss Fat Girl Sleep is loaded with antioxidants which protect the skin against damage from both internal and external factors. This is a very relaxing and pampering product that feels great and smells fabulous.

Bliss Fat Girl Slim is the sister product of the Bliss Fat Girl Sleep. While Fat Girl Sleep should be used at night, Fat Girl Slim can be used in the morning to wake up sagging and dimpled skin. It contains caffeine to tighten and stimulate troubled areas. The formula encourages the natural drainage process to eliminate fatty deposits and toxins which can build up and compromise the integrity of the skin.

Bliss Love Handler is designed to address those bulges that form around the waist, lower back and belly. Caffeine is slowly released to tighten and stimulate. Fatty deposits are eliminated through an improved metabolism. This product contains natural oils from mint for a cooling and refreshing sensation and aroma.

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