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Your feet take a literal beating every single day. While a sensible shoe choice can help to cushion your feet and prevent blisters or other issues, it is still crucial to take care of your feet to maintain health and comfort. Walking, running, standing, and other activities can cause your feet to become rough and develop calluses. Further, when your feet feel overly tired, your whole body will likely experience the fatigue. Bliss Foot Care Products have been carefully designed to pamper and soften your feet, allowing you to feel more comfortable and energetic throughout the day.

Friction from wearing shoes can cause skin to thicken and to develop uncomfortable calluses. Bliss Foot Care Products helps address this issue by nourishing and soothing skin. These products are formulated to diminish the thickness that develops on the soles of your feet. Dead skin is eliminated while your feet are softened and moisturized. These products even work in extreme cases where skin has grown so dry and irritated that it begins crack. Bliss Foot Care Products will pamper your feet and provide relief.

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Constant pounding on your feet can cause thickened skin, calluses, and dryness. When left too long, these features can lead to cracked and painful skin. Bliss Foot Care Products pamper your feet with deeply nourishing ingredients, restoring your skin to a healthy and comfortable state.

Offering relaxation and comfort after a long day on your feet, Bliss Foot Patrol cannot be beat. This formula pampers your feet with peppermint and salicylic acid, working to soften the skin and leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed. Alpha hydroxy acid helps to slough away dead or dry skin, leaving your feet soft and touchable. The formula also includes whole leaf aloe to improve the texture of your skin.

If your feet are worse for the wear, you may have thick skin, calluses, corns, or hardened skin on your heels. For these heavy duty tasks, Bliss has developed the Bliss Diamancel #10 Classic Buffer. This pedicure paddle helps to dissolve tough, dry skin on the heels and can reduce the thickness of corns and calluses. The paddle is designed to be easy and safe for all users.

After being tough on your feet, you need to be tough on your calluses. Bliss Diamancel #20 Callus Rasp helps to soften and refresh your feet after a long day. This buffer is made of nickel-coated flexible fiberglass, making it strong enough to take on the toughest skin. The buffer is designed to dissolve dry or thickened skin on the heels and to reduce the thickness of calluses near the toes.

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