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10 Products to Make your Lips Look Bigger

Discover 10 non-invasive product that will help you create bigger, fuller, younger lips.

2016-09-10 02:21:46By Veebs Sabharwal


New: bareMinerals Gen Nude Launch

Introducing bareMInerals Gen Nude Collection, where nude color lips just got hotter!

2016-09-09 05:15:09By Emma Campbell


Serum Foundation: Why You Should Try It

Love wearing a facial serum for skin health benefits, and then apply foundation for coverage? Ever thought about combining them both? Meet Serum Foundations, your new best friend...

2016-09-05 05:13:50By Emma Campbell


How To Use a Beautyblender

The Beautyblender can do no wrong. From professional make-up artists to the less skilled in applying make-up, it's here to make our cosmetic lives easier. Here's a full guide covering everything you need to do - cleaning included!

2016-08-18 05:20:10By Emma Campbell


The Best Full Coverage Foundation With Dermablend

Looking for that full coverage, flawless face? Want a smooth finish without any heaviness or cakey looks? Here, we introduce you to why Dermablend is one of America's most loved make-up brands, bringing confidence to those with or without skin concerns and conditions

2016-08-11 08:46:54By Emma Campbell

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The Best Products Under $20

Some of the best beauty products come with small price tags. Discover the cost-effective cosmetics we've curated for you, 'effective' being the operative word.

2016-08-09 10:00:53By Veebs Sabharwal


8 Evening Make-Up Looks We Love

National Night Out day excites us for one main reason: it's a perfect excuse to practice that night time make-up look! We've rounded up 8 key trends which are ideal for the bars, clubs, and other night out adventures.

2016-08-02 06:00:46By Emma Campbell


National Lipstick Day the Celebrity Way

July 29th see's the arrival of National Lipstick Day, and in our opinion, there couldn't be a more well deserved appreciation day! We've rounded up the hottest lip looks fresh from our favorite celebrities. See what you think...

2016-07-27 06:00:21By Emma Campbell

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Beauty for Busy Moms: School Run Chic

As today is National Parents Day, we wanted to show some appreciation to the busy Moms out there. So how do you get that glam, glow getting face whilst rushing to make the school run? Here's how...

2016-07-24 05:50:17By Emma Campbell

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The Difference Between BB, CC and Tinted Moisturizer

Need an alternative to foundation, but have no idea where to start? We explore the features and uses for BB Cream, CC Cream and Tinted Moisturizers, so you can uncover which one is for you...

2016-07-22 04:08:21By Emma Campbell