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Boots No7 Men

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Skin care bridges two very different areas: the glamorous world of fashion and practical health care needs. The range of formulas offered in the Boots No7 Men line of products trace their heritage from the evidence-based science and daily demands of dermatology, while still reaching for the style that every man wants to achieve. There's no reason why this balance shouldn't be reached: It's long been known that skin is most attractive when it is healthy. For more than a century and a half, the Boots line of skin care products has followed this very practical approach, continuing to base its formulations on the philosophy that keeping skin functioning at its peak of health is the most effective path to its best appearance.

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Boots No7 Men Products

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Fights dullness for a really deep clean.
5 oz | OF066
An eye treatment that reduces the signs of fatigue quickly.
0.5 oz | OF065
Leaves skin feeling clean and invigorated.
5 oz | OF067
Combats deep lines and wrinkles for younger looking skin.
1.69 oz | OF064
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Tackles deep lines and wrinkles for younger looking skin.
1 oz | OF063
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Cleans, conditions and refreshes.
6.76 oz | OF068
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Additional Boots No7 Men Information

From that practical attitude comes another rule of skin care: Products should be based on need. Men's skin has a different list of requirements than what women need. Both the physical structure of men's skin and the way that men treat their skin mean that the ingredients in their skin care products are specifically designed to provide what men need.

The products in the Boots No7 Men line of skin care are designed to provide cleansing, moisturizing and anti-aging benefits for men's skin, particularly on the face. Although the No7 brand line was introduced by Boots in 1935 for women, a group of formulas specifically for men was created in 1986. Men's skin, particularly their faces, is structurally different than women's in small, but significant ways, and these products are designed to help repair, strengthen and protect men's skin from damage. As part of a regular skin care regimen, they help to keep skin looking and feeling its best.

Men's skin tends to be thicker, and does not lose collagen and elastin as quickly. The collagen and elastin tissues provide the supporting structure that keeps skin firm and supple; loss of these cells, through damage by the ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun or changes in hormone levels can cause lines and wrinkles and eventually sagging areas of skin.

Andogenic hair triggered by testosterone - sideburns, moustaches and the wide range of beard styles - is what sets men's skin apart. Regular shaving interrupts the acid mantle on the skin, a thin layer of natural oils that helps protect the skin against infection by airborne and contact bacteria and viruses. Irritation of the skin, from razor burns and ingrown hairs, can lead to long-term rashes and dry skin. The energizing face scrubs and wash and intense moisturizer offered by the Boots line helps to provide the relief and protection that men's skin requires.

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