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Borghese Eye Products

As we age, our eyes are often the first to show the telltale signs of too much exposure to the harshness of the sun, wind, or environmental contaminants, as well as the damaging effects that not staying hydrated can have for the delicate area around our eyes. Borghese Eye Products are formulated with skin-friendly ingredients that gently caress the skin as they bring a youthful appearance into reality. The area around the eyes is one of the most delicate spots on a woman’s skin, necessitating special treatments, such as those found in Borghese Eye Products, formulated for the express purpose of reducing the damage that life inflicts on tender skin.

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Borghese Eye Products Products

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With daily use, dark circles, fines lines and signs of fatigue seem to disappear.
0.5oz | OD031
Smoothes, cools and refreshes the delicate eye area instantly.
60 ct | OD028

Additional Borghese Eye Products Information

A daily regimen of facial skin care that consistently uses Borghese Eye Products can reduce the signs of aging with a minimum investment in time. Promoting skin elasticity and tone is essential in protecting the area surrounding your eyes against future damage. Borghese Eye Products offer lightweight formulas, quick absorption, and a soothing action that is perfect for sensitive eyes, contact lens wearers, and normal skin. For a gorgeous face tomorrow, treat your eyes to the benefit of beauty products formulated for optimal anti-aging action.

Transforming tired-looking eyes with dark circles and pillows of puffed-up skin beneath them into glistening orbs surrounded by youthful looking skin is easily accomplished with a skincare regiment that utilizes one or more of our Borghese Eye Products. Combating against the effects of aging begins with proper hydration, but this process continues with the use of special products carefully formulated to offer optimal anti-aging effects.

Reducing lines and wrinkles around the eyes becomes an important part of a skincare regimen intended to provide the illusion of youth as long as possible. Our Borghese Fluido Protettivo Advanced Spa Lift for Eyes is formulated with essential vitamins (C and E) so that it can help to protect delicate skin against the ravages of free radical damage. Use it daily to reduce fine lines while resurfacing your skin with the rejuvenation offered by this anti-oxidating and moisturizing formula.

Designed for busy people who understand the importance of caring for the delicate eye area Borghese Botanico Eye Compresses offer a 5-minute solution for smoother skin that feels and looks rejuvenated. These beauty compresses fight a valiant battle against aging that results in smooth, supple skin.

Acting as a catalyst that revitalizes the skin’s delicate processes of hydration and cell renewal, Borghese Crema Straordinaria Eye Treatment gently glides onto the delicate area surrounding the eyes reducing puffiness while recreating younger looking skin in only a few treatments.

Many women struggle to find the perfect solution to do away with fine lines, wrinkles, and damaged skin around the eyes. Borghese Crema Occhi Intensiva Intensive Filming Eye Cream infuses new life, rebuilds natural collagen, hydrates, and offers a firming process that creates a youthful, gorgeous look.

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