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AHAVA is the definitive Dead Sea Minerals beauty expert and brings innovation to every one of its products. AHAVA researchers develop proprietary ingredients for use solely in AHAVA face and body formulas. Among the most innovative: the Osmoter™, a balanced concentrate of Dead Sea Minerals to restore skin's vitality, enhancing its natural ability to retain moisture.

Since 1988, AHAVA has been capturing the essence of the Dead Sea to create a medley of efficacious beauty solutions for the skin. The brand's researchers have brought innovative formulas to the forefront of quality, natural skin care, giving the world a chance to select eco-friendly solutions that encourage the skin's vitality. While the entire collection of AHAVA products makes use of proprietary ingredients, the Osmoter is perhaps the most famous of them.

The Osmoter captures the beneficial capabilities of Dead Sea Minerals, transposing them into a balanced concentrate that forms the basis of many formulas. Not only does this proprietary ingredient help to restore the skin's vitality, but it does so by encouraging the natural ability to hold onto moisture in order for the skin to remain hydrated and healthy. For the best results, you might want to create a regimen that addresses any specific issues that your skin has such as aging, sensitivity or blemishes.

The entire collection incorporates anti-oxidizing, soothing, regenerative, and firming components into their formulas in order to enhance the condition of the skin with clinically proven solutions. Each formulation makes use of the ability of minerals to recharge the skin with fresh stores of energy. Products are available for both men and women, providing an extensive selection of cleansers, moisturizers, shaving solutions, masks, exfoliators, eye care products, and so much more. Whether you are searching for spa-like formulas or something natural to renew your skin's youthfulness, AHAVA has something specifically for that situation.

The attempt to look your best at all times is often at the forefront of every decision, guiding your selection of both fashion and beauty items. Choosing your beauty items is a critical process since you want to ensure that each one offers skin-friendly capabilities along with high performance. When you select AHAVA Products for your arsenal of beauty formulas, you receive mineral-infused solutions that nourish the skin with amazing benefits as they moisturize and protect the skin. Having taken the rich mineral composition of the Dead Sea and put it to use within their creamy concoctions, AHAVA Products infuse the skin with elements that enhance dermal vitality and fight off the signs of premature aging.

Strengthening your skin and making it more resilient against unnecessary damage, AHAVA Products and their high concentration of rich minerals begins the healing process for damaged skin, rejuvenating its appearance with the effectiveness of therapeutic formulations that have gone through extensive clinical testing. Customers can be sure that these skin care formulations are entirely safe to use as well as being highly efficient in their capabilities.

As a result of the research process that they have gone through, each of the existing AHAVA Products offer skin softening capabilities that smooth out the appearance of fine lines and creases.

Offering a lightweight formulation that is readily absorbed by the skin, AHAVA Age Control Eye Cream visibly changes the appearance of wrinkles, creases, and fine lines so that they are less noticeable, giving your skin the illusion of youthfulness. It makes use of an incredible component referred to as the 3D Complex, a potent blending of anti-aging ingredients that perform well together to minimize wrinkle depth, while also moisturizing the skin deeply. Using a fruit extract that contains great stores of vitamin C, this skin care solution brightens the eye zone considerably. Through its inclusion of aloe vera and date extract, it smooths the skin's texture.

Suitable for sensitive skin, AHAVA Purifying Mud Mask delivers gentle removal of impurities from the surface of the skin, creating smoother looking skin that looks refreshed. This product has been dermatologically tested and is hypoallergenic.

Intended as an anti-aging solution, the luxurious formula contained in AHAVA Extreme Day Cream works to minimize the signs of wrinkling that can mar the beauty of the skin. Its active ingredients come from the Dead Sea as well as the Himalayas, infusing this creamy creation with rich minerals that nourish the skin. It delivers antioxidant protection through its inclusion of the patented Osmoter, the extract of date fruit, dunaliella algae, raspberry root, Tibetan goji berries, and Himalayan moss.

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