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The best makeup looks start with beautiful skin; however, many of us don't wake up to a flawless complexion. That's why most makeup artists agree that foundation is by far the most important cosmetic for creating gorgeous effects. In 1999, a pair of friends founded the Amazing Cosmetics makeup collection and set their sights on offering base makeup products that were so effective that they would truly amaze. The success of their company and the incredible results possible with their products have made their brand the choice of many Hollywood makeup artists.

The Amazing Cosmetics line contains foundations in a variety of formulations and shades. Whether you prefer a mineral powder, a pressed compact or a liquid, you're sure to find the ideal solution in the range. To carefully hide away imperfections and blemishes, the range includes an array of concealers, and to finish the face, powder formulas are found in the lineup. The Amazing Cosmetics assortment also includes the tools that are necessary to obtain natural, professional quality results. Start exploring the range now and prepare to be amazed!

In 1999, Amazing Cosmetics launched a startup partnership between Sue Katz and Lisa Thurman. Katz, a stockbroker, mother, and makeup artist, and Thurman, an entrepreneur, focused their partnership on developing cosmetics products that create a flawless complexion. This strategy, combined with Sandy Incardona's passion and energy to expand the product's visibility in retail outlets across the country, has helped Amazing Cosmetics become a force in the cosmetics industry. Amazing Cosmetics is based in Libertyville, Illinois, where The Studio exists the company's hub. The Studio allows consumers to take classes, enjoy personalized makeup applications, or even host a private party. Celebrities such as Drew Barrymore, Carrie Underwood, and Marissa Miller have enjoyed the benefits of Amazing Cosmetics, and now you can too, thanks to SkinStore's product line.

When you invest in Amazing Cosmetics, you're investing in your complexion. Even more, you're investing in a company that values giving back to the community. Amazing Cosmetics has partnered with dozens of nonprofits and charitable organizations, such as the American Cancer Society, Doctors Without Borders, and Chicago Children's Charities, to give back. Thus, purchasing Amazing Cosmetics allows you to support an organization that works to make a difference in the community. Whether you need a concealer to hide those bothersome blemishes, a foundation for all-over coverage, or a powder to set your look, Amazing Cosmetics has many products in its line. Explore what benefits these products have to offer, and choose one for you today.

Most of us aren't blessed with flawless skin, but the right makeup can leave you with a perfect look day after day. Amazing Cosmetics Products include a range of makeup products to create that flawless look. Amazing Cosmetics Products can hide blemishes and those hard-to-eliminate under-eye circles and even your skin tone. Add a bit of bronze to your skin, or create silky smooth skin with Amazing Cosmetics Products. These products focus on perfecting your complexion, serving as a useful base for other makeup products. Smooth, even skin is the first step in a flattering and long-lasting daily makeup routine. Turn to Amazing Cosmetic Products to pamper your skin and hide its flaws so that you look your best every day. As the founders of Amazing Cosmetics Sun Katz and Lisa Thurman believe, makeup can create the perfect canvas for your daily beauty routine. Use Amazing Cosmetics to create that flawless skin that you've always wanted.

It's not about how much makeup to apply; it's about what products you use to create your daily look. Top Hollywood makeup artists rely on Amazing Cosmetics Products to create natural-looking, flawless skin. Create the complexion that you've always wanted with Amazing Cosmetics. Your skin won't look weighed down with product, but it will look its best day after day.

Cover up those dark circles and blemishes with Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer Fair. This concealer works well for extremely fair complexions and can help hide signs of sun damage, broken capillaries, and redness as well. This waterproof formula lasts all day, giving your skin a more even, healthy appearance. Don't let a few blemishes leave you feeling self-conscious. Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer Fair erases flaws on your skin to give you an even, smooth complexion.

If you have a fair golden complexion, add Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer Light Golden to your beauty routine. This concealer eliminates dark circles, blemishes, and signs of sun damage and helps even out your skin tone. The super emollient, waterproof formula blends well into your skin, hiding your problem spots in a natural way. Just a small amount of the Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer Light Golden will eliminate those trouble areas and leave your skin looking its best.

Say goodbye to blemishes and an uneven skin tone with Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer Medium Beige. Suitable for light beige and light olive complexions, this highly pigmented concealer hides dark circles, blemishes, sun spots, and redness with ease. Beauty insiders refer to the Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer Medium Beige as the "magic eraser." Add this magic eraser to your beauty routine today to create flawless skin day after day.

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