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Aramis Classic

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Aramis Classic is an expression of confidence and refined character with a sophisticated edge. A timeless fragrance with wide appeal that is distinctively masculine, warm and provocative. A true classic! It is no wonder this much loved fragrance was re-introduced to the market. The warm signature scent of Aramis was a crowd pleaser from the beginning and now the much loved fragrance is available in a host of personal care products just for men. With such an amazing fragrance, why stop with eau de toilette? When one of the most popular fragrances came back to be enjoyed by all, the signature scent of Aramis Classic found itself in various items just for men.

The Aramis Classic collection delivers a dose of this timeless fragrance in every product. For men who love the fragrance, they can now enjoy it even more with every grooming product they use on their faces, hair, and bodies. Complementing fragrant products are an ideal way to smell great without the worry of competing scents. Collect all fragrant items for great skin and hair with the wonderful scent of Aramis Classic for an exquisitely masculine experience every day.

Among the many divisions of the beauty empire Estee Lauder, Aramis Classic adds sophistication, history and charm. Aramis was originally launched as a fragrance under Estee Lauder in 1964. The original eau de toilette was released with a unique, warm and masculine scent. The classic fragrance was reintroduced as Aramis Classic in 2009, geared towards a younger market that can appreciate a quality classic. While Aramis Classic Eau de Toilette is the hero product of the line, Aramis Classic has branched out to offer a whole line of personal care products containing the classic fragrance.

Aramis Classic 24 Hour Antiperspirant Spray reacts to body heat by releasing more fragrance when the body temperature rises. The warm scent comes through when needed most, working all day to keep a man smelling good.

Aramis Classic Multiplexx Protein-Enriched Styling Gel provides lightweight control and styling to hair while also delivering strengthening proteins and conditioners that leave the hair healthy and shiny. It can be paired with Aramis Classic Protein Enriched Hair Thickener for increased volume and thickness. The Aramis Classic Duo promotes better looking hair.

Aramis Classic After Shave contains the classis scent that makes all Aramic Classic products distinct. The skin is left toned, fresh and nicely fragranced.

Aramis Classic Invigorating Body Shampoo is a fragrant body wash that is intended to be used in the shower to cleanse. The Aramis Classic Body Shampoo contains menthol to energize the skin and prepare the body and mind for a busy day.

The warm and masculine scent of Aramis Classic Products is what has made them so distinctive. Following the reintroduction of the original Aramis Classic Eau de Toilette, other Aramis Classic Products followed that created an entire collection of personal care products for men with the signature scent of Aramis Classic. Common concerns from male consumers helped to form the offering made available by Aramis Classic Products.

From the line of Aramis Classic Products, there is still the classic eau de toilette spray that made Aramis a brand name during the 1960s. Aramis Classic Products also include an after shave that complements the eau de toilette without introducing a competing scent. Deodorant products are also a part of Aramis Classic Products, understanding that men like to smell nice and need extra help when the heat goes up and the body begins to perspire. Offerings for the hair are also included among Aramis Classic Products. A lightly scented body wash that makes shower time more enjoyable can also be found in the list of luxurious Aramis Classic Products. Since Aramis Classic Products are so exquisite, they make for perfect gifts for any special occasion. Aramis Classic Products will put a smile on any man's face.

While the eau de toilette spray remains the hero of Aramis Classic Products, the impressive collection of Aramis Classic Products has greatly expanded to include a vast offering. Aramis Classic Products wear well together because they all contain the signature fragrance.

Aramis Classic 24 Hour Antiperspirant Spray is an unusual deodorant product that actually responds to an increase in body heat by releasing more of the fragrance. As body heat rises, there is an increase in the need for odor protection. Aramis Classic 24 Hour Antiperspirant Spray provides a full day's worth of freshness. It is one of the most popular Aramis Classic Products.

Aramis Classic Multiplexx Protein-Enriched Styling Gel is a full control styling aid from Aramis Classic Products that actually leaves the hair healthier with nourishing proteins. Aramis Classic Multiplexx Protein-Enriched Styling Gel makes the hair shiny and easy to style and holds all day for hours of support. As with all other Aramis Classic Products, the styling gel contains the signature fragrance.

Men with thinning hair or men who are looking for fullness will appreciate Aramis Classic Protein Enriched Hair Thickener. This is a multi-functional hair treatment from Aramis Classic Products that conditions the hair and promotes a thick, full appearance. Aramis Classic Protein Enriched Hair Thickener controls frizz and creates a tame look.

Aramis Classic Products wouldn't be complete with a great after shave. Aramis Classic After Shave freshens and tones while leaving behind the fabulous scent of Aramis Classic.

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