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Skin care technology has made great strides in correcting the flaws resulting from sun damage to the skin. In particular, light therapy has emerged as the most effective method of combating the effects of aging in the skin. Cells in the skin and supporting tissue absorb wavelengths between 590 and 950 nanometers. Our cells/tissues convert this light energy into "fuel" that is used to increase cellular metabolism. The use of light is safe, pain free, and inexpensive, compared with earlier skin care solutions like laser skin resurfacing and facelifts. Today, everyone can enjoy relaxing, painless light therapy treatments that dramatically improve skin appearance with Baby Quasar.

Collagen and elastin are key components that are required to keep skin supple and flexible. Without these vital proteins, skin begins to sag and wrinkle. Collagen and elastin levels naturally reduce with age. The application of red and infrared light to the skin can help to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. The Quasar MD Plus delivers red and infrared light to the skin in the comfort of your own home. This non-invasive appliance can help to address the characteristic signs of aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles. When you are travelling or if you prefer to care for your skin on the go, you may prefer to use the Baby Quasar Plus. This smaller appliance provides the same number of LEDs, it simply uses a smaller sized bulb. Because the active area of the Baby Quasar Plus is smaller, treating your entire complexion will take slightly longer than it would with the larger Quasar MD Plus.

Blemishes are often triggered by hormonal activity in the body. The teenage years and menopause can lead to increased breakouts due to hormonal changes. Inflammation, redness and blemishes can be caused by bacteria in the skin, which enters blocked pores. Light on the blue spectrum can kill bacteria and help to improve the appearance of the skin. The Quasar MD Blue and the smaller Baby Quasar Blue help to reduce breakouts without drying the skin. These high-tech appliances can be used safely on all types of skin.

If you don't feel that you are getting the most out of your skin care, considering adding Baby Quasar Products into your daily regimen. Light Therapy can really make a difference in the health and vitality of your skin and allow your topical products to perform better. A full listing of all Baby Quasar Products can be seen below. This will allow you to easily shop and access vital information regarding different systems. In addition to light therapy hand held devices, the collection of Baby Quasar Products includes a gel that is compatible with all units.

Light therapy has been proven effective for a variety of skin concerns and can help you look your best in just minutes each week. Many of us hit a road block with topical treatments. This is where Baby Quasar Products come in. Give your skin care system a boost by introducing the magic of both blue and red light therapy. The treatments do not interfere with other skin care products and can actually help your current system perform better.

Be sure to educate yourself on Baby Quasar Products in order to make sure you are getting the best system for your skin.

Baby Quasar Red is proven effective against the signs associated with aging skin. Red light therapy helps increase blood flow and over time can help to firm and tone skin that has experienced a loss of elasticity. Regular use of the Baby Quasar Red can help reduce the look of superficial lines as well as deeper wrinkles. The therapy can also minimized enlarged pores and even out skin tone. The device only has to be used two or three times a week for outstanding results. Customers appreciate the convenience of treating at home rather than visiting a dermatologist's office.

Baby Quasar Baby Blue is an amazing tool in the fight against blemishes. Blue light therapy has been proven effective at killing the bacteria responsible for breakouts. The hand held device can help reduce the inflammation associated with acne and speed the healing of pimples. The treatments are painless and are compatible with other products you may be using. Regular use helps to promote a clear and even complexion.

If you are looking for a great anti-aging serum that is ideal for use with light therapy, consider the Baby Quasar Pure Silk - Original Formula. This is a light oil-free gel that offers reparative as well as protective properties. The gel helps the skin retain vital moisture deep within the layers of the dermis. All skin types can use the gel although it is particularly beneficial for dry and dehydrated types that are experiencing damage from aging and exposure.

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