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bareMinerals Makeup

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We are big fans of bareMinerals here at SkinStore. Their completely natural, 100% pure, long-lasting collection of makeup enhances your complexion and doesn't mask it. Why hide your great skin?! They are famous for their powders, which are light and easy on your skin, their Mineral Veil is a bestseller, and we are big fans of their foundations which are easy to apply. Their collection of makeup is vibrant and long lasting, we are big fans of their liquid lipsticks which are available in a range of beautiful natural colors.

If you are looking for soft, natural look and a foundation which won't cause break out, bareMinerals is worth adding to your bag. They don't clog your pores or cause blemishes, enhancing the look of your face while improving the condition of the skin. We find bareMinerals makeup products leave your skin feeling fresh and balances out your overall look.

A little known fact is that bareMinerals produce some of the best-selling makeup brushes. Their brushes make applying makeup easy and fuss-free.

Some Of Our bareMinerals Favorites

If you're not sure where to start, look no further than bareMinerals Get Started Kit - Medium. The collection contains two different shades of the bareMinerals SPF 15 foundation which can be used separately or blended for a custom shade. The kit also contains the Mineral Veil, The Warmth All-Over Face Color and three different high quality brushes to help you apply your cosmetics like a professional.

bareMinerals Mineral Veil is perfect for wearing over the bareMinerals foundation of your choice. After applying your foundation, lightly buff the mineral veil all over for a beautiful finishing touch that leaves your skin looking absolutely flawless. The light reflecting minerals give your skin a soft glow that's picture perfect. The minerals also contain SPF for extra sun protection.

Now that your skin looks flawless, add a little color with the very versatile bareMinerals Warmth All Over Face Color. Although it looks bold in its container, this multi-tasking cosmetic morphs into the perfect shade for most skin tones and can be used as a bronzer, blush or highlighter. You can use it on the cheek bones, along with jaw line and even on the forehead and nose. It gives you a healthy, radiant glow and is great for lighting up pale complexions.

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