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Modernize the way you apply your make-up with the much sought after blending sponge. Beautyblender's elliptical shape is designed to match the contours of your face and its lack of edges eliminate streaks ensuring perfect application every time.

Blend, cleanse and repeat. Slightly dampening your Beautyblender will cause it to expand and get even softer, creating the smoothest application of makeup you've ever seen. Clean the sponge using one of Beautyblender's specially formulated cleansers and see how your skin will stay cleaner, your Beautyblender will last longer and your makeup will look better than ever.

Created by a Make-up Artist, Made for Everyone

The success of the Beautyblender brand can be attributed to the company's founder, high-profile make-up artist Rea Ann. With over two decades of experience in the industry and one of Hollywood's hottest makeup artists, Rea Ann has perfected the faces of all your favorite celebrities, making them red-carpet and camera-ready for years. Harnessing her knowledge and experience, she developed the Beautyblender brand, which includes tools and products that make cosmetic application a breeze. 

As a busy mother of two, Rea Ann understands that today's woman isn't available for time-consuming makeup application. That’s why she created the original Beautyblender, which can be used with primer, foundation, powder, cream blush and any other complexion product. Become your own make-up artist with the classic make-up sponge, best used when damp. Transform your complexion, with highlighting, strobing or contouring techniques in a way you’ve never been able to achieve before. This handy little blending sponge collects product at the top rather than absorbing it, so that your cosmetics are never wasted.

Choose the adorable Micro Mini Duo to effortlessly blend your make-up in the smaller areas. Even out your eye corners, brow bones and the sides of the nose with these micro-sized Beautyblenders.

When it’s time to clean your Beautyblenders, give it a bath with the specially formulated Liquid Blendercleanser. Made especially to remove tough stains, this cleanser will keep all your Beautyblender products squeaky clean.

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