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Created in 1981, Dermablend still remains the #1 brand in camouflage makeup. For the past 30 years, they have been recognized as an expert given the exceptional performance of Dermablend products in terms of coverage, wear-ability and skin care benefits. High performance wear and coverage has ensured its well-known and renowned recognition by the medical community and professional makeup artists. All Dermablend products are non-comedogenic, fragrance free, smudge-resistant and provide up to 12 hours of wear.

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We all have skin imperfections that we want to conceal. Whether you have age spots on your face due to too much sun exposure or a scar on your leg, you want to minimize these flaws and maximize the natural beauty of your skin. Dermablend products make that goal achievable. No matter the area of your imperfection, you can find a Dermablend product designed to conceal just that spot. Explore the product offerings to find the right item for your unique needs today.

You might have a number of areas of concern on your face. From the occasional blemish to dark under-eye circles that don't seem to go away no matter how much sleep you get, imperfections can appear all over the face. With a variety of products designed especially for your complexion, Dermablend can help you create a more flawless look. Concealers, foundations, and powders can help you minimize those flaws. Cover creams in a variety of shades can further even your skin tone and enhance its natural radiance. You can even find products that target areas of redness, a common concern with many complexions.

Imperfections can extend beyond your face. You can find leg and body concealers that provide long-term coverage for up to 16 hours. These products come in a variety of shades, making it simple for you to find one that matches your skin tone, providing truly natural-looking coverage for your skin from head to toe. When you want to cover those imperfections simply and effectively, Dermablend are a great choice.

Everyone has skin flaws. Some are severe enough to cause self esteem issues, preventing those with major skin imperfections from enjoying a healthy social life. Dermablend products were formulated to create a flawless complexion even for those suffering from particularly challenging issues like rosacea, birth marks, scars and vitiligo. Dermablend products are highly pigmented and capable of camouflaging flaws that ordinary foundations cannot begin to tackle.

Dermablend products are offered in different formulas for different needs. Dermablend Cover Crème is a heavier coverage while Dermablend Smooth Indulgence Foundation has a lighter consistency. Dermablend Quick Fix Concealer is the purpose of concealing dark circles under the eyes and other particularly difficult flaws which require more than just a foundation. While many people automatically think of the face when it comes to foundations, there is also Dermablend Leg and Body which is perfect for concealing spider veins and bruises as well as any other imperfection commonly experienced on the body.

Dermablend products come in a wide range of colors to suit every imaginable skin tone. Dermablend products can even be blended together to create a custom shade. While many high coverage foundations and concealers are difficult to work with and leave a heavy look, Dermablend products are highly blendable and feel light to the touch on the skin. Dermablend products are water resistant and wear well all day to provide hours and hours of high performance coverage. Dermablend products resist smudging and fading and do not require touch-ups with normal wear.

Dermablend products can be used every day without the worries of any adverse effects. Unlike certain types of cosmetics, Dermablend products are safe for acne prone skin as well as sensitive skin types. Dermablend products will not clog pores or cause irritation. The high quality foundations and concealers are designed to leave a flawless finish without leaving behind problematic ingredients.

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