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H2O Plus

From hydrating to anti-aging treatments, H2O Plus creates collections for specific skin care concerns to help you achieve a healthy, radiant and youthful complexion at any age. By infusing pure water with nutrients from their proprietary combinations of seaweeds and marine plants, the H2O Plus scientists have created potent blends that work naturally with skin's chemistry, hydrating and renewing your skin like never before. More than water, this is H2O Plus.

Water is the most important ingredient for healthy, beautiful skin. To uncover the secret to timeless, flawless skin for every skin concern, H2O Plus has turned to the most powerful source of water: the ocean. Containing over 73 unique minerals, nutrients and elements known to exist naturally in the human body, the sea is the richest known source of hydration, protection and renewal for the skin.

In an ongoing quest for ageless beauty, the H2O Plus team of scientists has dedicated more than 25 years to researching the sea and its restorative properties. They have traveled the world, from the Sea of Japan through the Pacific to the coast of France, and discovered the most powerful marine ingredients on Earth.

H2O Plus begins by purifying their source water with a special filtration process, guaranteeing that it is free of impurities and readily accepting of sea botanicals.

Isolating the most effective sea ingredients, each blend targets a unique skin condition. Hydrating Marine Blend uses Sea-Fennel, Wakame and Sea Lettuce to nourish dry, dehydrated skin. Anti-Aging Marine Blend is powered by Red Marine Algae, Himanthalia and Spirulina to address fine lines and wrinkles. Marine Brightening Blend, a potent combination of Knotted Sea Kelp, Vitamin C and Asian Brightening Botanicals, takes on uneven skin tone with luminous results. Anti-Pollution Blend features Brown Algae, Marine Glycogen, Green Tea and Vitamin E for daily environmental damage.

From moisturizers formulated with Atlantic brown algae to Asian plant extracts and sea kelp to brighten skin and lighten discolorations, H2O offers the most advanced marine-based skin care treatments available. Along with marine botanicals, they fortify their products with antioxidant vitamins to further reinforce skin against environmental damage. The skin-rejuvenating powers of the sea have been captured in this line of products. Whether you're looking for products to control oil and reduce breakouts or treatments to rejuvenate "tired" skin, H2O Plus can help.

The team behind the H2O Plus collection believes that skin care regimens should be simple for the men and women who use them. In order to take the guesswork out of putting together the ideal regimen to meet a person's individual dermatological needs, the brand has created distinctive lines of products that can be mixed and matched to fully address common concerns. By finding the line most closely associated with your own skin care needs, you can put together the ideal regimen to ensure success.

Providing a wide range of solutions to address various forms of signs of aging is a top priority at H2O Plus. The brand offers several anti-aging lines, each of which functions in a unique way. For skin prone to oiliness, the Oasis Oil-Free Hydration collection plumps the skin tissue with hyaluronic acid, greatly reducing visible lines. The Total Source range is geared toward those with more advanced signs of aging, while the Sea Results line helps to reduce oxidative damage while addressing more mild to moderate lines and wrinkles. Those with sagging skin can opt for the Aquafirm+ Advanced Marine Firming line.

In addition to anti-aging products, H2O plus offers many other solutions for the skin. Among these are the Sea Clear Oil Control range and Marine Calm for sensitive complexions.

The powers of the sea to nourish and rejuvenate the complexion are waiting to be discovered. Find your ideal product line in the H2O collection and discover the benefits of the deep sea for yourself.

Life is full of irritations. They come in all forms, but none is more annoying than the feeling of dry skin. Nothing is more frustrating than dry, itchy skin that feels tight and sore when the climate is dry. H20 Plus Products are here to tackle any dry skin issue. Whether your skin is naturally dry, it is the dead of winter, or you live in a dry climate, there are H20 Plus Products that can help moisturize, revive, and restore your skin's beautiful look and feel.

The secret to success for H20 Plus Products comes from harnessing the power of the sea. All the products in the H20 Plus line contain marine extracts known to provide numerous benefits to the health of our hair and skin. These marine ingredients are safe for everyday use, while still providing soothing, nourishing properties to help speed up the healing and repair of damaged skin and hair.

Skin issues can plague everyone, young and old alike. Dry skin, flaky skin, itchy skin, or aging skin can all be improved upon with the help of H20 Plus Products. With the help of these marine-derived products, everyone can have healthy, radiant, and youthful looking skin in no time.

One of the most annoying places on our body to have dry skin is our hands. Sometimes it feels like the slightest movement can cause cracking and itching. Repair and pamper your hands at the same time with H20 Plus Hand and Nail Cream. Containing marine extracts, Aloe Vera, and Panthenol, this hand and nail cream helps relieve dryness, cracking, and redness on the hands and nails.

When your skin feels tight against your body all over, the best solution is the H20 Plus Raspberry Guava Shower and Bath Gel. Formulated with Vitamin E and natural fruit extracts, this body wash cleanses the skin gently to leave it smooth, conditioned, and energized.

For an all-around deep clean feeling, consider trying the H20 Plus Sea Mineral Mud Mask. The very best the ocean has to offer is contained within this mask product. With Kaolin clay, dulse, Neptune kelp, gigartina, and Allantoin, there is little this mask cannot do for your skin. The primary goal of this mask is to draw out pore-clogging dirt, hydrate deep down, and stimulate cell renewal. Added benefits include the reduced production of excess oil on the skin and anti-inflammatory protection for the skin.

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