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June Jacobs Spa

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For over thirty years, June Jacobs has been a world renowned spa visionary, beauty and wellness expert. June, with her daughter, Rochelle, created a line of highly-efficacious, natural ingredients formulated to deliver impactful results with long-term benefits. All products feature botanical extracts and a U.S. 20-year patented anti-oxidant blend to help prevent premature aging. Every product is made without parabens and is free of preservatives, etrochemicals, synthetic dyes, synthetic fragrance and sulfates when possible. The June Jacobs Spa Collection can be found at prestigious spas, resorts and select specialty retailers worldwide. Experience the ultimate lifestyle of skin health and wellness.

To ensure that you receive real benefits from their treatments as you relax and unwind, top spas combine the latest technology with proven traditional remedies. By using science, spas can treat skin care problems that in the past were difficult to address without medical interventions, such as hyperpigmentation and severe wrinkling. The best spas know that natural ingredients are often preferable to chemicals, which is why so many incorporate natural treatments into their scientifically developed services.

Used at top spas worldwide, the June Jacobs Spa collection follows the philosophy of improving the health of the skin through both nature and science and can help you obtain spa-quality results without leaving home. A leading skin care expert with more than 30 years of experience in the spa industry developed the entire June Jacobs Spa range. The collection contains a full set of solutions for the complexion, body and hair with formulas that can address everything from chapped lips to foot calluses to skin congestion. Treat yourself to the ultimate in pampering by building your at-home spa with June Jacobs Spa products.

June Jacobs, the founder of the June Jacobs Spa line, has worked to develop a natural yet effective line of products comparable to those you find in some of the world's most luxurious spas. June Jacobs Spa blends cutting-edge science with nature to develop a line of products that are both gentle and effective. The brand's philosophy focuses on developing luxurious products that use high-quality and natural ingredients. With a focus on the natural side of skin care, June Jacobs Spa works to use ingredients that are free of parabens, preservatives, petrochemicals, synthetic dyes and fragrances, and sulfates. Instead, these products use carefully selected plant and botanical extracts, thereby creating natural ingredients that are as effective as they are safe.

While each June Jacobs Spa product uses a unique blend of ingredients, some ingredients have been proven so successful that the brand has added them to a number of formulations. Tea extracts, including white tea, red tea, and green tea, can offer antioxidant benefits as well as anti-inflammatory and anti-irritating advantages. The extracts of a number of fruits has benefits for your skin as well. June Jacobs Spa products use the extracts of goji berry, pomegranate, and grape seed. These ingredients serve as a source of B vitamins, work as anti-microbial agents, and help promote wound healing. When you invest in the many products available in the June Jacobs Spa line, you can enjoy the benefits of such natural ingredients. Choose from cleansers, serums, masks, toners, and more, and discover how these products can benefit your complexion.

Adding natural ingredients to your beauty regimen offers a range of benefits. You rid your skin of harsh ingredients that can cause redness and irritation. Natural ingredients found in June Jacobs Spa Products instead calm and soothe your skin while effectively cleansing, moisturizing, and exfoliating. Antioxidants, such as white, red, and green tea extracts, leave you with healthier, younger-looking skin. June Jacobs Spa Products are on the cutting-edge of the beauty industry, making botanical beauty care products available to customers like you. While gentle, these paraben-free formulas can have a major impact on the health of your skin.

Discover the June Jacobs Spa Products that are right for you. You can find products that eliminate makeup and daily buildup, add moisture to dry skin, or slough off dead skin cells to uncover your healthiest complexion. Pamper your hands and feet, or protect your skin from the sun with June Jacobs Spa Products. Choose these gentle, natural products for long-lasting results.

Remove parabens, preservatives, and artificial fragrances from your beauty routine with the help of June Jacobs Spa. Turn to June Jacobs Spa Products, which feature natural ingredients, to pamper your skin and leave it looking its best. Luxurious spas and resorts rely on these products to pamper their clients. Give yourself the same treatment at home with June Jacobs Spa Products.

Some cleansers can leave your skin feeling flaky and dry. Turn to June Jacobs Creamy Cranberry Cleanser to hydrate your skin while eliminating daily dirt, oil, and buildup. The cleanser's refreshing cranberry scent combines with sunflower seed oil and natural humectants to create clean, nourished skin. This cleanser is free of parabens, preservatives, and sulfates, making it gentle enough for all skin types. Use June Jacobs Creamy Cranberry Cleanser daily, and combine it with other June Jacobs Spa Products for maximum results.

Rinse your skin of impurities while sloughing off dead and dull cells with June Jacobs Pore Purifying Facial Bath. This cleanser features tea tree oil, a natural antiseptic, which helps erase daily buildup. June Jacobs Pore Purifying Facial Bath calms your skin with willow bark and pine bark extract, while algae extract keeps your skin moisturized. Daily use of this cleanser leaves your skin feeling radiant and refreshed.

Cleanse and soften your skin with refreshing June Jacobs Cooling Cucumber Cleanser . Cucumber extract, a natural astringent, calms and soothes your skin, wiping out surface impurities. At the same time, this cleanser fights visible signs of aging and treats dry, damaged skin. June Jacobs Cooling Cucumber Cleanser is free of parabens, preservatives, petrochemicals, sulfates, and fragrances. Add this gentle cleanser to your beauty care routine to create supple, revitalized skin.

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