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Karuna is a major evolution in the concept of beauty rituals, an innovative product line targeting specific skin concerns born from a combination of traditional Eastern wisdom and modern Western knowledge. Karuna's highly specialized ingredients are custom-blended with care and expertise to deliver specific results through innovative delivery systems. Karuna believes mask plus serum equals instant beauty results. Karuna is designed to bring compassion to your skin. Made from biodegradable wood pulp natural cloth that retains 50% more moisture than synthetic material, Karuna masks force pores to fully absorb nourishing ingredients that help create instant results, much more than a serum would alone.

Application is clean and easy. Simply remove the cloth mask after the directed amount of time and massage the remaining serum into the neck and hands. Every single-use mask is made with all-natural cloth to prevent evaporation and ensure the maximum absorption of nutrients. You will experience a relaxing detox while you help your skin heal itself and regenerate. When introduced regularly into your beauty care regimen, Karuna skin products can help you rediscover your best complexion possible.

Your daily skincare routine is a very important part of keeping your complexion clear, even, and bright. Skincare professionals recommend cleansing and moisturizing your skin on a daily basis in order to maintain good health. Many people preach about the benefits of spa treatments, including masks, peels, and special serums. Fortunately, you do not have to go to a spa to benefit from these types of therapies. Karuna has designed a range of masks that can help to take your skin care regimen to the next level. These masks use biodegradable wood pulp natural cloth to help your skin to absorb the product, providing you with the best possible results. By adding a Karuna mask to your routine, you can finally achieve the complexion that you have always desired.

Karuna masks are designed using safe and natural ingredients that work to ensure that your skin gets the maximum benefit possible. Each Karuna mask is formulated with a different skincare need in mind, so you can choose one to suit your skin's unique needs. Carefully consider what your skin's biggest challenges may be before selecting a mask. These masks should not be used every day, but even once a week application can help to improve your skin's health and appearance. Each different mix of high-quality botanicals can help address a different skin care goal. Choose one that suits your specific skincare needs, or purchase a kit so you can try a range of masks from Karuna.

At the age of 10, Linda Wang and her family moved from Taiwan to the United States. Still, Linda grew up with Taiwanese culture playing an integral role in her daily life, particularly as she observed the customs and traditions practiced by her parents. Her mother's skin care regimen and the skin care routines of other Asian women deeply interested her throughout her life, and eventually, served as the inspiration for Wang to launch her own skin care collection, the Karuna Products line.

The Karuna Products range contains formulas that combine traditional eastern skin care techniques with western medical and scientific principles. The formulas contain ingredients that are used in traditional skin care remedies from Taiwan, China, India and other parts of Asia. These natural ingredients are combined to address skin care concerns that are common among western women, such as hyperpigmentation and acne. All of the Karuna Products are designed to create pampering rituals that greatly improve the health of the skin, allowing you to feel as if you've visited a luxury spa in New York, London or Tokyo.

Trust the wisdom of the East and the science of the West to restore your skin to its ideal appearance. The Karuna Products collection gives you the best of both worlds for the best possible skin care results.

Karuna Hydrating Treatment Mask alleviates symptoms of dry skin and helps the complexion remain at its ideal moisture levels to keep dehydration from returning. The key ingredient present in the mask is Natto, a type of soybean that is native to Japan. The nutrients present in Natto help to restore the natural moisture barrier on the skin and exfoliate dry tissue, leaving it protected, soft and smooth. The mask has a no-rinse formula.

Karuna Clarifying Mask uses a blend of natural ingredients to soak up excess oil from the surface of the complexion and the pores. Ideal for treating acne, enlarged pores or an oily shine, the no-rinse mask contains Shiso, a leafy plant native to Japan, and ginger. These ingredients are natural bacteria-fighting agents that destroy the p. Acnes microbes that lurk in the pores and contribute to the formation of acne blemishes.

Karuna Brightening Treatment Mask is a cure for hyperpigmentation and the general dullness of the complexion that often comes with age. The formula contains grapefruit extract, which is rich in discoloration-fighting vitamin C. A blend of Asian herbs is used in the formula to gently exfoliate the skin, revealing more radiant, fresh tissue with every use. The no-rinse mask is formulated for all skin types.

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