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Greek Pharmacist George Korres believes in the innate potency of natural ingredients. Chemical engineer Lena Korres believes that nature is the inspiration for scientific discovery. Led by their mutual belief in the power of plants, they founded KORRES in 1996 out of Athens' oldest homeopathic pharmacy. KORRES has a deep understanding of natural ingredients and how they work not only on our skin but inside our bodies. At the heart of every KORRES product is a precious extract isolated from powerful Greek flora, herbs and even food ingredients sustainably sourced from their cooperation of organic farmers. KORRES is proud to offer you products that are natural, effective and thoughtful.

KORRES skin care products employ principles of homeopathy to achieve results that rival those possible with traditional formulas that make use of synthetic ingredients. The products in the collection contain the oils of many Mediterranean herbs that have been used since the days of Ancient Greece to treat the skin. Shop the collection now to find natural solutions for your skin care concerns.

KORRES Wild Rose 24-Hour Moisturizer is the ultimate solution to skin dehydration. Unlike other moisturizers that offer only short-lived benefits, this unique formula continuously replenishes the skin's moisture supply for a full 24 hours. This is achieved with the Imperata cylindrica, a desert plant that is capable of retaining moisture and slowly dispensing it at an ideal rate. The formula also features SPF 6 sun protection from natural titanium dioxide and antioxidant protection from wild rose oil.

KORRES Wild Rose Brightening Serum helps to eliminate dark patches of skin and dull tissue from the complexion. Gentle enough to be used all over the face, including in the eye area, the serum contains a generous dose of wild rose extract. The essential oil of this wildflower contains vitamin C, which is clinically proven to restore radiance to the skin and reduce melanin production in areas of discoloration.

KORRES Guava Body Butter is an all-over moisturizing treatment that provides relief from itchy, winter skin and symptoms of year-round dehydration. To impart a huge burst of moisture deep within the tissue, the body butter contains rich shea butter. Sunflower, avocado and almond oils assist with normalizing hydration levels and work to soften and soothe troubled, rough skin. Guava provides antioxidant protection, while quince extract in the formula helps to heal tissue that is raw and inflamed.

Choosing body care formulations that make use of natural ingredients over those solutions that include harsh chemicals and synthetic components is a great way to give yourself an added edge in staying healthy. Blended with fresh botanicals with a known history of performing well when used in beauty solutions, each of the efficacious KORRES Products has something of value to offer or add to an existing beauty care regimen. The reliance on naturally derived ingredients, such as active plant extracts, makes it possible for this brand to avoid the harshness of artificial components that can add to the damage the skin has already experienced as the result of daily exposure to environmental aggressors.

Whenever possible, KORRES Products rely on the goodness that Mother Nature has supplied in order to create gentle formulas that treat the skin kindly. When you make your selection from this particular brand's offerings, you can rest assured that you are obtaining cleansers, masks, moisturizers, treatments, and eye products that have been designed to perform well naturally without chemical enhancement. Try any of the incredible KORRES Products and discover their benefits now!

Why not include lavish skin care formulations in the list of goodies that you treat yourself with on a regular basis? Each of the available KORRES Products is blended with skin-friendly ingredients that deliver exceptional performance as they restore the natural condition of the skin.

As soon as you open the generously sized container of KORRES Fig Body Butter, the juicy scent of fruity figs wafts up and surrounds you with its sweetness. It engages your senses in a pleasant manner that increases your desire to indulge in the creaminess of this product. As with all body butters from this brand, this formula softens, soothes, and moisturizes the skin with a luxurious concoction filled with natural oils that have the ability to restore the elasticity of the skin.

Blended with a unique combination of Avocado Oil, Sunflower Oil, Almond Oil, and Shea Butter, the formula of KORRES Guava Body Butter moisturizes the skin while enhancing its elastic nature. As a result of this skin-softening process, your skin looks and feels smoother than ever. Stressed skin receives soothing relief from the inclusion of Quince extract. This luxurious body butter is decidedly fruity in aroma.

Offering anti-aging capabilities that protect your skin against unwanted wrinkles and creases, the moisturizing formula of KORRES Jasmine Body Butter has been infused with a medley of skin-softening ingredients that have been derived from natural sources. The skin's elasticity improves with regular use of this creamy solution that contains Avocado, Almond, and Sunflower Oils. The richness of Shea Butter has been included to deliver deep moisturization.

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