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Molton Brown

Molton Brown gets their name from a fusion of the street name (South Molton) and the cutting-edge boutique (Browns) established by Caroline Burstein's (Molton Brown's founder) parents. Over the decades Molton Brown has built up a reputation for being London's bath, body and beauty connoisseurs. Their perfumes, shower gels, body lotions, candles and hand care products blend exotic ingredients with a touch of London eccentricity for bold fragrances and bright colors that stand out on the shelf. You'll now find Molton Brown in five-star hotels, stylish homes and high-end department stores across the world and yet, each product is still blended in London, their home since 1973.

When you step into the shower or bath, you want to do more than just cleanse your body from head to toe. While cleansing, naturally, is your top priority, you can do more with Molton Brown products and create a truly luxurious bathing experience. With a range of products in this extensive line, it's simple to find a nourishing product featuring a delightful scent that can leave you feeling fresh, relaxed, and rejuvenated every time you step out of the bath.

Cleansing has never been so luxurious thanks to the many body washes available in the Molton Brown line. These products feature a range of unique and invigorating scents, including black peppercorn, eucalyptus, and brown orange bergamot. Hand washes come in similarly refreshing fragrances, such as pomegranate and ginger. You don't want to dry your hands out with too much washing--or working--which is why Molton Brown also offers hand lotions in a variety of delightful fragrances. Or, moisturize your skin from head to toe with body lotions in scents such as brown coco and sandalwood.

In addition to cleansing and moisturizing your skin, Molton Brown products extend beyond these basic skin care needs. You can gently and effectively exfoliate your skin with products designed to slough off those dry, dead skin cells that are preventing your skin from showcasing its natural radiance. Molton Brown even offers products for the home--from home sprays to candles in a variety of scents--allowing you to transform your bathing routine while also making your home a more inviting and relaxing place.

Molton Brown was born from the desire to use natural and simple ingredients to enhance the hair and skin. Nature has been the focus of Molton Brown products from the beginning. The first Molton Brown products were hand mixed using botanicals. Every invention that has followed has remained true to the goal of bringing nature to the world of skin and hair care.

Molton Brown was founded in 1973 in London as a hair salon. While London was considered disconnected from nature, the salon was committed to delivering a more natural approach to its customers. In 1978, Dale Daxon Bowers joined the team to create Molton Brown products using natural additives.

Today Molton Brown products and services have expanded. However, the same philosophy that originally inspired the operation continues to inspire every new advancement. Molton Brown can now be found in more than 70 countries worldwide in spas, luxury hotels and even airlines.

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