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Murad is a true dermatologist brand that began with prescription formulas developed by Dr. Murad to help his patients resolve their unrelenting skin conditions. People come to Murad when they're ready to transform the life of their skin. Murad guarantees that transformation because only Murad combines advanced scientific research and practical clinical experience to create high performance skincare products, dietary supplements and lifestyle programs that help people look and feel their absolute best.

The Murad skin care collection was released in 1989 when board-certified dermatologist Dr. Howard Murad decided to begin developing formulas to help his patients and people everywhere take better care of their skin at home. His eponymous skin care collection was the first doctor-formulated line of dermatological products the world had ever seen, and soon, dermatologists from all over began recommending his products to their patients. Quickly, Murad grew to become one of the most well-known brands in the world and has built a reputation for offering scientifically advanced, safe products for both men and women.

Acne is the leading skin care problem in the United States, and many people struggle to control frequent breakouts even with dermatological interventions. Dr. Murad has developed a line of products that is clinically proven to assist with acne treatment and reduce breakouts to promote healthier skin. Anti-aging products are another cornerstone of the Murad collection and include a wide array of formulas that help to reduce the appearance of existing lines and wrinkles while boosting the skin's resilience.

Whether you are looking for products to help promote clearer skin or to improve the appearance of sun damage and fine lines, the Murad collection offers a simple approach to skin care to help you see results. By selecting Murad products to form a three-step regimen of cleansing and toning, treating and repairing and hydrating and protecting, you can finally begin to see positive changes with your troubled complexion.

World renowned Dr. Howard Murad has made it his personal mission to beautify the complexions of people everywhere. His work began with his private dermatology practice, continuing onto independent research in skin care that led to numerous landmark discoveries. To put his clinical experience and expertise to use and help more people reveal beautiful complexions, Dr. Murad formulated his own line of skin care products, creating the Murad collection. The first line of skin care products ever formulated by a dermatologist, Murad combines cutting edge research with established treatments that have been used successfully in dermatology practices for decades to treat skin problems and perfect the complexion.

The Murad Products collection is a full range of solutions for the health of the skin. Among the Murad Products lineup are cleansers, toners, moisturizers, treatments and dietary supplements formulated by Dr. Murad to address skin concerns that are commonplace among men and women, including acne, premature aging and reduced skin elasticity. By combining Murad Products with similar benefits, you can create a full skin care regimen to perfectly care for your complexion every day.

Get the beautiful complexion that you're longing for with Murad Products. These revolutionary formulas were created by a top dermatologist.

Murad Clarifying Body Spray targets acne wherever it forms and speeds up the healing process to banish blemishes faster. The 360-degree spray can be quickly applied to any part of the body, delivering the benefits of a clinically-proven acne-fighting formula. To eliminate bacteria, the spray contains Triclosan, while salicylic acid and retinol exfoliate the skin and stimulate cellular turnover to keep the pores clear. Allantoin is also added to the spray to the condition the skin and support its innate healing power.

Murad Acne Treatment Concealer Medium disguises blemishes with a natural-looking, pigment, helping you feel confident and more beautiful. The concealer also works to treat pimples and minimizes the likelihood of their return with the inclusion of salicylic acid in its formula. The acne-fighting effectiveness and natural finish of the concealer has led to its receiving numerous accolades, including a "Best of Beauty Award" from "Allure."

Murad Perfecting Night Cream works hard to battle signs of aging and improve your skin tone while you rest. Sunflower oil in the formula penetrates deeply into the tissue to improve its elasticity and make it feel firmer to the touch. Essential fatty acids are also featured in the cream to restore moisture levels and repair the natural moisture-loss barrier on your skin. To offer protection from wrinkle-causing free radicals, the cream contains both green tea extract and vitamin E.

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